Not all of us are born to DIY - in fact, most of us aren't. Getting DIY right is a skill that many of us have failed to learn and sometimes it is just a fact that we need an expert tradesman with even the most basic jobs. We know that the installation of replacement kitchen doors is an easy job - it is just a case of a few screws and adjustments - but there are other parts of the kitchen makeover that you might need help with.

A tradesman will help you achieve a professional finish.
The finishing touches make all the difference, so don't be afraid to ask for help

Most of our customers are happy to simply replace their old kitchen doors with new ones and can easily achieve this on their own. We have online videos and even a booklet to help you with this task. But sometimes, a more substantial change is being made to your kitchen and you may want the help of a professional to get the look just right. Luckily we have access to some qualified and experienced tradesmen who can come to your home, or you can find your own reliable kitchen fitter to help you. Here are some of the jobs they may be able to help you with:

Creating new cupboards

If part of your plan is to provide yourself with more kitchen cupboards, you will need to install new carcasses. These can be easy to fit if they are lower cupboards, but wall cabinets may be more tricky. Obviously they need to be very secure, fixed to the wall in the correct way and they need to fit in with your current kitchen style and your new replacement cabinet doors. A tradesman will be able to do this for you in no time and with very little effort.

Building a breakfast bar

Your kitchen may be large enough to accommodate a breakfast bar or even an island. This requires the addition of new carcasses, new worktops and other associated finishing items like end panels and plinths. This all takes some expert cutting, installation and planning. Once again, a tradesman can help you with this and create an eating space in your kitchen for all the family to enjoy.

Finishing touches

If you have chosen a new kitchen door colour or design that is significantly different from your old ones, you will need to change the end panels, plinths and pelmets as well. Doing so will pull the kitchen together, ensuring it looks professionally fitted and much more expensive than what you have paid. The installation of these items takes precise cutting, corner angles and careful fitting. Unless you are experienced, this may be best left to an expert tradesman.

Walls and floors

This may not relate fully to the purchase of kitchen doors, but we understand that you may wish to re-tile your walls and floors and even finish off the new look with a splash of decorating. It will be easy for you to do the hard work of removing the old tiling and flooring, but it may be worth getting a professional in to fit the new ones. There is nothing worse than wonky tiles or flooring that is uneven. It will detract from your lovely new kitchen doors and you will always notice any mistakes. A tiler can also complete the job in a short period of time, saving you money in the long run.

Our kitchen doors last a long time, they are of high quality and will look good for many years. So, it is important that the rest of your kitchen stands the test of time too. So don't be afraid to get a little help when needed so that you will be proud of your new kitchen for years to come.