If you have taken the time and effort to replace your old kitchen doors with new replacements you will be wanting to ensure that your kitchen stays looking amazing for as long as possible. Yes it is true that wear and tear is inevitable in any kitchen. But there are a number of things you can do to keep your replacement kitchen doors looking like new for much longer than you might expect.

New doors in High Gloss Light Grey

Buy the right doors for your needs

If you have children or pets you may want to consider choosing doors which don't show the dirt and which will put up with the rigours of family life. Sticky fingers will leave obvious marks on gloss doors, but may be imperceptible on wood grain or satin finishes. The latter two will also be easier to clean on a more regular basis. Gloss finishes may also be easier to scratch, so they are best left for more grown-up environments.

Don't skimp on accessories

You may feel that you can get away with reusing your old hinges and door handles. But this might end up being a false economy. New hinges will help your replacement doors to stay looking straight and you won't have issues with slippage. Your old door handles are likely to be well worn when you come to replace the doors and may well let down the entire kitchen. For the cost of replacing these items, it is well worth doing.

Consider door placement

In order to keep your replacement kitchen cupboards looking their best for years to come you should think about where in the kitchen your other appliances are placed. Doors next to your cooker, dishwasher or washing machine may come into contact with more heat than average. Using heat strips to protect your doors is a great idea.

You may also expose your doors to high moisture and heat if they are placed above kettles, toasters, hobs and other kitchen appliances. Try to avoid having your kitchen units above these types of preparation and cooking areas.

Use the right cleaning materials

Abrasive cleaners are a no-no for most kitchen cupboards, but especially for high gloss doors. Regular cleaning with basic kitchen sprays is usually fine for most cupboards doors, but gloss doors do require special treatment.

You may discover that gloss doors show smears if they have been cleaned with ordinary kitchen cleaners. As they have a mirror finish, glass cleaners work remarkably well to bring up a smear free shine. They can also cut through grease marks. Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. Although the odd scratch is normal due to the nature of the product.

It is also recommended that you avoid taking off the plastic film coating on your new gloss doors until they have cured or set hard. This might take around one week depending on the heat and moisture in your kitchen.

Long term care and maintenance

Your doors should be relatively maintenance free. But you might want to do the following a couple of times each year to keep them looking their best:

  • Do a deep clean of the inside and outside of your cupboards. This includes cleaning the hinges, door handles and getting into the crevices on your replacement doors. Remember to follow the above rules regarding the use of cleaners and cloths.
  • Adjust the hinges to keep your doors level and even. Check to see the hinges are working well and replace any which have worn or broken.
  • Check carefully for any lifting of veneers or moisture issues. Remove any sources of heat or moisture which might be causing this and apply heat strips if it is a problem. Replacement doors should be available if they are damaged beyond repair.
  • Check door handles to ensure they are still attached properly and replace any which are looking worn or broken.

It is easy to look after your replacement kitchen doors, especially if you have taken the time to choose quality doors which are right for your needs. Regular cleaning is the key to long lasting and beautiful kitchen cupboards.

You can find our detailed care instructions here