It is unlikely to have escaped your attention that a number of kitchen retailers have closed down or gone into receivership over the past few months. While this is sad news for the industry and for the employees of these stores, it can be very good news for anyone looking for a bargain.

With closing down sales galore, you can often find your perfect kitchen at a huge discount. You may however be forced to opt for kitchens which are smaller than you need or where you cannot get hold of all of the kitchen doors you require. In this case, you need to know that you can find doors from another supplier which will match with your bargain kitchen or ones which are even exactly the same.

You will be pleased to know that it is possible to buy replacement kitchen doors online and that they have such huge ranges, you are bound to find doors which will be perfect for your design.


One option for you is to take the kitchen you have already purchased and consider what type or colour of doors would complement them. There is absolutely no need for your kitchen to have one colour of door, although matching styles is usually a good idea.

Cambio kitchen door colours

Legato kitchen door colours

Replacement kitchen door sellers will usually offer to send out samples of the materials and colours they have available. You will then be able to compare them against your current kitchen to see if they will match.

Good examples of how this might work would be using several different colours of high gloss doors in a similar style. The effect will be eclectic, but highly polished and modern. You kitchen will look designer, but without the price tag.


Many high street stores (even those which are in the process of closing down) have some basic styles of doors which are available everywhere. Your kitchen door replacement store will be able to match these doors fairly easily. All you have to do is buy the cheap deal kitchen from your main supplier and add the extra doors you need from an online replacement door manufacturer. You will be surprised how often they can match anything you ask for.

Buy everything but the doors

When checking out kitchen showroom sales, you may not find the doors you want, but it would be silly to pass up deals on carcasses, worktops and appliances. It is then a simple case of buying doors in the right sizes and colours to match the carcasses you have purchased. This way you will get a fully cohesive look at half the price you might expect to pay otherwise.

If you have concerns that strange shapes and designs cannot be catered for, you couldn't be more wrong. Replacement door suppliers can make custom doors to suit whatever carcass you have bought elsewhere. Just take the measurements and let them know.

Missed out on your delivery?

Maybe you are one of the unfortunate ones who paid in advance for your kitchen from one of these closing down suppliers and have found out your kitchen can no longer be supplied. Perhaps only part of it is now available. This could be terribly disappointing – especially if you worry you may not get your money back.

With replacement kitchen doors you can always accept the parts of the kitchen which are available and buy replacements for the rest. This may be harder work but at least you still get the kitchen you deserve.

Buying a kitchen is exciting and with the deals which are around at the moment you can find a great bargain. Don't be afraid to buy something just because it is incomplete, there are other options which will allow you to complete your kitchen to the highest possible standard.