This month, we've launched not one but two new ranges - the Clarity range and the Integrity range. This gives you six new door styles to choose from - so don't put off your kitchen revamp a moment longer! Read on to find out more about these beautiful new styles...

Integrity Lumi - the new slab door

The Lumi door from our Integrity range is a simple slab door, with a smooth surface and square edges. Crisp and understated, it will give your cooking space a fresh, Scandi-chic look. See all Lumi doors here.

Integrity modern kitchen, dark grey cabinet doors, pale woodgrain flooring
Integrity Lumi kitchen door in High Gloss Dust Grey

Hapton - the new plain door

The Hapton door is another style that celebrates simplicity - uncluttered surfaces and profiled edges make the Hapton door understated yet stylish. If you're looking to create a kitchen that feels spacious and open but still want a little definition, the Hapton is ideal.

Integrity modern white kitchen, white kitchen doors, wooden table
Integrity Hapton kitchen door in High Gloss White

Gresham - the new Shaker door

A classic Shaker design with a four-part frame, recessed centre panel and grooved drawer front, the Gresham door balances traditional style with modern simplicity. Emphasise that handcrafted look with Shaker handles, or use sleek bar shapes to add a touch of contemporary cool.

Integrity blue shaker kitchen doors, white walls, grey floor tiles
Integrity Gresham kitchen door in Super Matt Fjord

Avondale - the new rustic door

With a Shaker-style frame and a centre panel with pretty tongue-and-groove detail, the Avondale door will give your kitchen a cosy, welcoming feel. Available in a wide range of whites, colours, and plain and painted woodgrain finishes, there's an Avondale door for every kitchen.

Integrity pale grey rustic kitchen doors, kitchen island, wooden flooboards
Integrity Avondale kitchen door in White Ash

Berkeley - the new simplified Shaker

Love a traditional look but don't want anything too fussy? The Berkeley door has a recessed centre panel like a classic Shaker, but a smooth one-part frame that gives the door a crisp, contemporary look. The perfect balance of modern simplicity and classic craftsmanship, the Berkeley door will look beautiful in any home.

Integrity woodgrain kitchen doors, exposed brick wall, wooden flooring
Integrity Berkeley kitchen door in Beech

Clarity Gemini - the new handleless door

The Gemini door from our Clarity range is a sleek, simple handleless door. Plain-fronted with an elegant j-pull cutaway acting as a handle, the Gemini door is the ultimate in cool, contemporary design. Shop the full Gemini range now for a modern, minimalist kitchen.

Clarity Gemini white handleless kitchen doors, modern kitchen with island
Clarity Gemini in Classic White