If you're looking to sell your home, you probably already know that it's the kitchen and bathroom that will turn a "for sale" sign into a "sold" sign. A recent study by the Federation of Master Builders shows that a kitchen or bathroom renovation boost the value of your home by adding up to £50,000 to the value of a property.

Spruce up before you sell up

Moving is an expensive business, as along with large deposits, buyers also have to pay various fees and costs, so if you're looking to sell your home, make sure it doesn't require much work or investment.  But you don't have to fork out for a total renovation to get your house ready to sell. It's possible to add value and attract buyers by giving your kitchen a quick facelift - and that can be done on a budget. If the layout of your kitchen is perfectly functional and your cabinets and worktops are in reasonably good order, you can refresh the room by simply replacing the cabinet doors and handles. It's an affordable way to change the look of the room and make it look instantly lighter and brighter.

modern kitchen with gloss white cabinet doors will help sell your home
The Slab Door in High Gloss White - a crisp, modern kitchen in a neutral colour will help potential buyers picture themselves there.

Tailor your kitchen

Before you buy replacement kitchen doors, take a moment to think about your property as a whole, and choose the new doors accordingly. If you're in a 3 or 4-bed house, it's likely your prospective buyers will be families with children. Shaker doors in a woodgrain finish are timeless, practical and easy to look after. Crucial if there's little ones running about! This Washington style in Ontario Maple is a popular choice for very good reason. It will suit both new-build homes and older properties. If you have a bit of spare cash, adding a designated dining space to your kitchen (if you don't already have one) is a great idea. Or if you can fit a table and chairs in, go for it. A breakfast bar with stools works perfectly in smaller kitchens.

For flat dwellers, your buyers might be a young professional or a couple in their twenties or thirties, in which case, you'll want to fit doors that are stylish yet low-maintenance. High Gloss doors are ideal here, as their reflective surfaces will make a small kitchen seem a little bigger, they're ultra-modern and they're easy to keep clean.

If you're in a small house/cottage with just one or two bedrooms, you could well be selling to couples whose children have left home so they're looking to down-size. Again, Shaker doors will fit perfectly here, as they can look traditional or modern, depending on their surroundings.

The Washington door in Ivory - a charming door that can look both classic and contemporary

If nothing else, remember...

The main things to remember when revamping your kitchen before you sell your home are:

  • choose neutral, crowd-pleasing colours like woodgrains, whites, ivory or cream;
  • gloss-finish doors will suit both families with children and young professionals alike;
  • Shaker doors are perennial favourites, as they look utterly timeless and suit a range of interior styles
  • if in doubt, you probably won't go far wrong with a sleek, slab-style door in white - there's no harm in keeping it simple!

Got any good tips for prepping your home before it goes on the market? Let us know!