In the current economic climate most of us are forced to flick through kitchen catalogues sighing wistfully. Unfortunately we can't afford to move and often cannot afford to replace our own kitchen either. It is easy to assume you will have to put up with what you have until things get better.

If this is your way of thinking, you obviously have never considered replacement kitchen doors as a viable alternative to ripping out your kitchen and starting again. Not only can you get a new and fresh kitchen, you will also be able to choose one which has a luxury look and feel which wouldn't look out of place in those magazines you love to read.

Kitchen Doors in over 700 colour and style options
Kitchen Doors in over 700 colour and style options

Huge number of options

You may expect that replacement kitchen doors are likely to only be available in a small range of styles, colours and materials. This is completely untrue. In fact any of the styles you have seen and coveted are likely to be found as standalone doors.

You may want to replace your kitchen doors with solid wood in oak, beech or pine. Or maybe you want an ultra modern high gloss look in black or white. All of these choices are easily found.

When it comes to colour the choices are almost endless. Of course there is light and dark woods, basic whites and creams, but also if you are brave, you may want to try something in Ultragloss Black, Ultragloss Baltic Blue or even a mix of Legato colours.

Try a bespoke look

Even if your kitchen is full of awkward angles and odd shaped cupboards you can still achieve the luxury look you want. Most replacement kitchen door companies offer a bespoke service. They will cut your doors to the exact size you need, so your kitchen will look perfect no matter how difficult it may seem to you.

Luxury comes cheap

Stop thinking that you will need to spend thousands to get the luxury look you want in your kitchen. Yes the magazine kitchens are going to set you back much more than your savings, but new kitchen doors will cost much less.

Some doors start at less than £7 each and rise depending on the choice of materials or design. But you can expect to spend significantly less than even the cheapest range found in a DIY store or kitchen showroom. This means you can afford to buy better quality and your kitchen will last even longer.

Add some extras

If you are still missing the “bling” associated with top-end kitchens, you can easily add some accessories to your room to get the look you want. These might include new handles, end panels, new worktops and even new tiles.

It is also possible to take advantage of the extras now available for the insides of your cupboards and drawers which will give you an expensive feel without the expensive cost. These might include baskets, drawer linings and swing out shelving.

Fast and free delivery

One often under-looked aspect of getting a new kitchen is the time factor. Ordering a new kitchen from any high street seller will usually result in at least a few weeks of waiting time. However your replacement kitchen doors could be with you in just a couple of days. In addition you will pay minimum delivery charges, or no delivery if you spend over £100.

So it is time to stop drooling over those magazine articles and get yourself to a replacement door website or showroom as quick as you can. The range is waiting for you to choose from and order today.