You may be one of the many people who know that their kitchen needs updating. And yet you put it off month after month and year after year. It hasn't got anything to do with the cost or perfecting the design. It is simply because you know that replacing a kitchen means at least three weeks of mess.

For some people the thought of weeks without a usable kitchen, having to eat out and enjoying the dubious qualities of microwave meals, is simply too much to comprehend. It is true that most kitchen make-overs require lots of patience and the willingness to live in chaos – at least for a while.

Replacement kitchen doors are the answer to all of these problems. In fact your kitchen could be looking brand new in just one weekend. And for less than the cumulative cost those meals out you were contemplating.

Lets look at how a whole kitchen replacement compares with a kitchen door replacement in terms of the mess and inconvenience you are likely to encounter.

Replacement Kitchen

  • You will have to remove everything from your cupboards and store it elsewhere in your home.
  • The dust which comes from removing your old kitchen will spread throughout your house and settle everywhere. This can take weeks to clean up.
  • You can expect to fill a skip or even two with all of the cabinet doors, carcasses, old tiles and worktops. This will add to your expense.
  • You will need to prepare meals in another room, increasing the possibility of food smells and stains appearing all over the house.
  • A workman is unlikely to treat your home the same way you might. He may tread mud in and out of the house and even up and down the stairs. No amount of dust sheets can prevent all messes.
  • Your workman may not take recycling and caring for the environment as seriously as you do. All the boxes and old kitchen parts are likely to end up in the skip.
Replacement Doors

  • You can leave all your food and crockery in the cupboards and over your worktop.
  • Replacing kitchen doors is a dust free process – except maybe for the drilling of a few minor holes.
  • The only part of your kitchen you will need to dispose of will be your old kitchen doors. These may even fit in the boot of your car. No need for a skip at all.
  • You can continue to use your kitchen as normal. Nothing changes – except the doors of course.
  • You can replace kitchen doors yourself, ensuring that your home is treated exactly how you would want it to be. Plus, there is no need to keep going in and out of the house, so no chance of mud being spread anywhere.
  • You can ensure that all packaging and the old kitchen doors are disposed of in the right way. You can keep your house clean while keeping your conscience clean.

It is true that replacing kitchen cupboard doors is a minor change with the minimum of mess and hassle. But the change to the look of your kitchen can be major. There is nothing like fresh and clean new kitchen doors to give the whole room a new and modern look.

You could change the worktop next year and look at the tiles the year after that.  Don't put off a change to your kitchen for yet another few months. Take the first steps to getting the kitchen you want and buy replacement kitchen doors. There really is nothing stopping you.