These days each and every one of us is has to think twice before we do refurbishment work on our homes. We need to take into account if the costs of the work we want to do will have a positive impact on the value of our home. Or whether that money would be better spent elsewhere. In days gone past, we may well have gone ahead, knowing that the house value would catch up eventually.

So, making the choice to make-over your kitchen is not one you will take lightly. You'll want to do your research on what your best option is in financial terms. Replacing your kitchen doors, worktops and even cabinets is likely to work out a much better deal than replacing your entire kitchen and you will be able to buy better quality. You could even install it yourself and save even more money.

The following is a breakdown of what a new kitchen and installation may cost you and exactly how you are likely to save money by deciding to buy replacement kitchen doors.

Kitchen cupboards, doors, worktop and other materials

Clearly this depends on the size of your kitchen, but on average you could expect to spend £2,000 to £3,000. You may be lucky and be able to buy an ex-display kitchen or one which is on sale at a local DIY store. But in general this is the price you must expect to pay. You will be replacing your entire kitchen at this price including your cabinets, which may or may not even be in poor condition.

The costs of replacement doors is often cheaper than a full kitchen refurbishment.
Bevelled Edges High Gloss White kitchen doors

Generally if your kitchen is gutted this will include your tiles, flooring and it may even damage the walls which will need to be repaired. This will all add to the cost. You will also need to have the room redecorated once the work is complete.

You will also need to hire a skip to take care of your old kitchen. Something which is not required for a replacement kitchen. Your skip could cost £200.

If you decide to opt for replacement kitchen doors, you could be spending as little as £6 per door and not more than around £35. This compares very favourably with high street prices, in fact you could be making savings of up to 50%.

Labour costs

This will more or less double the cost of your kitchen in one quick move. Not only will you require a kitchen fitter, you will also need a tiler, plumber and electrician if you have decided to move things around. Most tradesmen ask at least £150 per day and this can be even more for qualified trades such as electricians.

Your kitchen will take around three weeks to be completed by a single tradesman and so the cost can skyrocket. You should expect to pay another £2,000 to £3,000 for a good fitting service.

With a replacement kitchen you can easily do most, if not all of the fitting yourself. This is a simple process of removing the old doors and fitting the new ones. Even if you did not feel comfortable doing this yourself, a tradesman would be able to complete it in just two days or less.


A new kitchen may have a delivery charge added to the cost and you would need to fit in with their schedule meaning days off work to accept deliveries. Delivery costs depend on the company, but it is not unusual to spend upwards of £50.

A replacement door company will often give free delivery on orders over a certain amount. You can also arrange delivery for a time which suits you. They can do this because the items which are being sent are smaller and lighter.

So, as you can see, buying a new means higher costs than you might imagine. You can drop these costs considerably by just buying replacement kitchen doors or worktops and doing it yourself. You can then spend the money on the things which mean the most to you.