Creating a beautiful shabby chic kitchen look doesn’t have to cost a fortune or involve redoing your entire kitchen. Matt Brown, co-founder of the homewares company The Orchard, shares his top ways to easily and simply change the character of your kitchen and get a shabby chic look.

1. Change your worktops

Changing your worktops can instantly give your kitchen a whole new feel.  Choose laminate style for a cost effective option or go all out with granite or natural wood tops.

shabby chic boxes

2. Update your floor

Go for the country feel with a laminate wood style floor or choose large square tiles to give a feeling of space.  Whoever type or pattern of floor you choose it can refresh and update the scheme of your kitchen in an instant.

3. Improve your storage

Decluttering and rearranging into clever storage solutions can transform a kitchen, giving a feeling of greater space and style. Get clever with concealed storage or show off what you've got with open shelves for a shabby chic look.

shabby chic shelves

4. Create a feature wall

As patterns and wallpaper are bang on trend, why not bring some colour and vibrancy with a patterned wallpaper? Alternatively choose patterned tiles to create a feature. Or go the whole way and add a fresh lick of paint to complement and complete the look, but make sure it is heat and steam resistant.

Not into patterns? Why not go for a gallery wall or blackboard to draw the eye and add interest.

5. Change your cabinet doors and handles

One of the easiest ways to revamp your kitchen is to either change your cabinet doors completely or paint them. Then for the finishing touch, update your handles to complete the look, whether it be contemporary, country or shabby chic.

shabby chic flowers

6. Using homewares to create a new look

Whether your kitchen is large or small, it can be easily enhanced by adding accessories to compliment your style.  Remember these are small features, not clutter. Don't let them take over, just a few carefully chosen pieces should do the trick.

They don't even have to be expensive. You can find some great items to give a shabby chic look to your kitchen by scouring charity shops and antiques fairs.

A collection of vintage coffee, and tea tins will compliment a shabby chic/country style kitchen.

Use old fashioned style milk bottles to display a few freshly picked garden flowers. Make a feature of your kitchen, whatever the season.

milk botle

Use kitchen appliances to add an accent colour to your kitchen.

Choose open shelf storage to display colourful crockery, adding colour and vintage style to your kitchen. For instance, an antique wooden dresser is an ideal way to put your crocks on display. But if you don't have room for one you can put up shelves or a plate rack.

Similarly, fill clear glass jars with pasta, beans, and nuts. These work well as an open shelf display, to add texture and a focal point.

Or store utensils or display flowers in a pitcher to compliment the style of your kitchen. Whether it's enamel for county style or zinc for a more contemporary feel, both will work equally well.

You could also accessorise with wicker or wire baskets, to store and display napkins and cutlery, pretty tea towels, plants and dried flowers, fruit and vegetable or kitchen utensils.

wicker basket with fruits

Create a feature wall or focal point by storing pots and pans hung from the wall.

Similarly, list menu items on the blackboard and make a feature of it by hanging it from a wall or stand it on a small easel.

Perhaps use coloured glass bottles and vases to accent the room.

Or food posters on the walls can be coordinated with your colour scheme to create a striking gallery wall.

The Orchard stocks a carefully selected range of vintage-inspired homeware.

What are your top tips for getting a shabby chic look?

Author: Mat Brown. Co-Founder, The Orchard.