If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to a new kitchen, look no further! The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home, and after the bedroom, it's probably the room you spend the most time in. Your day starts and ends in the kitchen - from making your early morning cup of tea to getting your dinner ready, and all the chores and pottering in between. And if you're going to be spending hours in there throughout the week, you need to be able to look around and really love it.

If you need to make some changes to the look of the room, consider changing your kitchen cabinet doors. When the layout of the space is fine and your units are in good order, a change of door style is ideal for giving the room a face-lift. It will save you the hassle and inconvenience of planning and supervising a complete renovation, and will save you thousands too.

So, how do you decide what style and finish of doors to go for?

If you're looking for a purse-friendly kitchen update, you probably won't be consulting any interior design specialists, so it's time for you to get creative. Here's a few suggestions to inspire you...

Look for inspiration!

Start by looking through interior and home style magazines or searching online for kitchen styles you love. Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for this. Think about how the styles you see can be adapted for your own kitchen - keep in mind room size, shape and layout. Once you've compiled a number of ideas, the next step is to narrow down your selection. And if you can’t make up your mind on your own, then call upon the help and advice of your family or friends - but don't forget, it's you that's got to live with it.


It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of things that you want to achieve. Make a list of everything you would like to do to your new kitchen. Then list them in order of priority. You don’t have to do everything in one go - take your time and the results will show.

Found the perfect colour?

Get a paint or paper sample of it, or one that's as near as possible. You can then apply it to one of your unit doors. Seeing it every day gives you the best idea of what it'll be like to live with that colour. You can get colour swatches and sample doors from us before you order your doors. So make the most of the opportunity to try before you buy!

Think outside the box

Designers of both the interiors and fashion worlds are often inspired by very specific themes or items. Don't be afraid to search far and wide for ideas. Flowers and plants can be incredibly inspiring. Maybe you love the colour of the forget-me-not flower? So why not choose a pretty Matt Denim shade? Or perhaps you love searching for smooth pebbles on the beach? A soft Matt Stone Grey is probably more your thing.

Matt Denim L-shaped kitchen with wooden worktops
The Arun door in Matt Denim
L-shaped kitchen in natural grey with white worktops
Shaker door in Matt Stone Grey

Don’t ignore the walls and ceiling!

These form the backdrop to your kitchen. They're the blank canvas, so to speak, and can make a huge difference to the final look. White or cream walls allow coloured cabinet doors to really stand out. Or if you want a bold colour on your walls, you'll probably need to choose a neutral shade or pale woodgrain for your doors.

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