So you have finally managed to get an eviction order sorted out for the tenants who have been avoiding paying their rent for the last few months and you have access to your rental property.

Very little will prepare you for seeing that your home has been trashed by your tenants. After weeks of not being able to enter your house, your tenants could have caused substantial damage. Very quickly the pound signs are going to start mounting before your eyes.

It is a sad fact that that many rental properties end up in much worse condition than simply the wear and tear you might expect. Some tenants fail to look after properties as the landlord would like or they simply don't understand concepts like cleaning or being tidy. The fact that the landlord now has to find new tenants or risk many weeks without the rent being paid fails to make much impression on the departing residents.

If you are a landlord and are in the position of having to completely redecorate your property, you will be heartened to hear that it is possible to make substantial savings if you choose to replace your kitchen cabinets doors rather than buying a whole new kitchen.

A new kitchen is likely to cost you anything from £7,000 for the materials and the installation. Even if you choose to buy a cheaper range of kitchen cabinet from a large DIY store, you will be looking at delays when it comes to delivery and finding a tradesman who can do the job. You could expect it to be several weeks before you can get new tenants in and start getting your income back on track.

You may be thinking that your landlords insurance will cover the cost. This is true, but what  effect will this have on your insurance premiums for next year? Making any sort of claim on your insurance will always lead to increased premiums in subsequent years. If you do choose to claim on the insurance, you can always redirect the money more efficiently by buying replacement kitchen doors and doing the work yourself.

So what are the benefits of buying replacement kitchen doors for landlords?

  • You can throw away or recycle damaged and dirty doors and replace them with new without having to buy new carcasses.
  • Your floors, tiles and appliances won't need to be changed.
  • The doors can be ordered and delivered within days.
  • Your new kitchen doors can be fitted in just a day or two and without the help of an expensive tradesman.
  • You can change the look and feel of your kitchen very easily and inexpensively – perhaps attracting a different type of tenant and more rent.
  • You can also get replacement doors for other parts of the house such as bathroom cabinets and wardrobes.
  • You can choose new handles for your kitchen cupboards and perhaps even new worktops, if they are needed.
  • You will find it easier to get new tenants as people are always looking for nice kitchens. The kitchen is so often the heart of the home, so making an effort in this one area could reap rewards.
  • Your new tenants are more likely to look after the kitchen if it is new and fresh when they move in.

So you have spent the minimum amount of money on getting your property back up to scratch. Now you may even get more rent from your new tenants than you had from the old ones. This small investment in your kitchen could lead to more profit from your business. That sounds like a fair deal!