If there are two topics which make the news almost every day in the UK they would have to be the state of the economy and climate change. All we need to do is look around us to see examples which affect us directly. We are paying more for our energy. Getting paid less in our jobs. And having to make our limited funds we have go further. When it comes to the environment, we all see the changing weather conditions, the flooding, the unusual heat and cold extremes. These things are hard to miss.

replacement doors - friendly to the environment and your bank balance

So wouldn't it be great to find a way of improving both your bank balance and the environment when carrying out a makeover on your kitchen? There is no need to throw your thrifty and environmental credentials out the door when improving your home. Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect way to avoid that and it is much easier than you might think.

Save money

Replacement kitchen doors are the perfect solution for when you want to save money and get a great new kitchen. All you have to do is save the carcasses from your kitchen units and simply replace the doors themselves.

Replacement cupboard doors start at around £60 each and will quickly freshen up your kitchen. Most doors are of a standard size and can be replaced with any door of your choice in any colour or material you like. Obviously this option is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire kitchen on a price per cupboard basis. But you will also save in other ways.

Fitting new kitchen doors

Fitting replacement kitchen doors is a breeze. It is a job which can be carried out by a DIY novice and in just a day or two. The cost of fitting a new kitchen can be in excess of £1,000 in just labour costs. Not to mention the cost of the kitchen itself. If you take on the work yourself, you will save the cost of a tradesman. And you get the satisfaction of having achieved a great looking result.

Less harmful to the environment

When it comes to the environment you may be wondering how buying replacement kitchen doors can help. The cost to the environment of home improvement is actually much more than you might think. Every year tonnes of building waste is thrown onto landfills. Some is recycled, but this takes an environmental toll as well due to the processing impact when turning recycled material into new items.

The best way to save the planet when improving your home is to reuse items wherever you can. This is where replacement kitchen doors can help. You will only be throwing away the doors from your kitchen (and you could ensure these are recycled or sold, if you can) and very little else will be wasted. You may need to replace hinges or handles. But the bulk of your kitchen will remain including the carcasses, the tiling, the worktop and the flooring.

In addition to the material savings, you will also be able to purchase doors which are made from composite materials. These could come from recycled sources, or you could go for hardwood which is entirely renewable and sustainable. If you choose well, you could have a set of kitchen doors which will be useful for many years. And this saves you from needing to send anything more to landfill from your kitchen.

You may have chosen replacement kitchen doors simply because they look amazing and it was quick and easy. But now you have two more reasons to decide on replacement doors rather than the hassle and expense of replacing your whole kitchen.