It seems to be a common assumption these days that any DIY job or renovation needs to be carried out by a properly qualified person and only a tradesperson will do. In fact there are plenty of jobs which a novice DIYer can tackle. And replacing kitchen cabinet doors is one of them. Doing it yourself can not only save you money, it will improve your self-esteem. And give you a great kick-start for all those other jobs you have been putting off.


A recent study carried out by an online tradesman checking site has discovered that four out of ten men in the UK will call a tradesman to do jobs around the house even if it is very basic. In fact many of these men also state that their partners will automatically hire a tradesman to do small jobs around the house – not even giving them a chance to have a go.

Many of these men say that they simply have not been taught the required skills and that they lack the confidence or the time to try. Many also say they just cannot be bothered to learn the skills which are needed.

The study revealed that 61% felt they couldn't fit a door and 47% said they wouldn't know how to fit a curtain rail. With statistics like this, it is easy to see why men (and women too) might be concerned that they don't have the necessary skills to fit new kitchen doors. But they needn't worry because this is one job which in the vast majority of cases does not need the services of a tradesperson.

Fitting a kitchen door is as easy as one, two, three. In fact three easy steps is all it takes:


Check the size of your old doors before you order your new ones and ask for the hinge holes to be pre-drilled for you in the right place. If you need a bespoke or unusual size, this can also be provided. Just speak to the company where you order your doors from. They will be able to help. You will also need to measure and mark the position of your handles.

Fit the hinges and handles

A simple electric screwdriver can complete this job for you, but if you aren't confident with power tools, you can always use a bit of brute force and get out a basic screwdriver.

Hang and adjust the door

Fit the inside hinge within the door frame hinge and use your screwdriver to adjust the screws until it hangs level and straight.

That is it! While a beginner may take a little longer to complete this job than an expert kitchen fitter, the sense of satisfaction which comes from doing a job and doing it well cannot be underestimated. The chances are you will take your new-found skills and put them to use elsewhere in the house.

You should also bear in mind that you have just saved yourself a bundle of cash. A tradesperson is likely to charge you up to £200 a day and this job could take half a day to complete or more if your kitchen is large. You could put this money towards getting a few new accessories to really set off your new kitchen design.

While many men out there may fear making a mistake when doing DIY or their wives may not trust them, starting with a small job such as this is a great way to build up that trust again. Who knows, the next step on the ladder might be a new bathroom!

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