If you are unfortunate enough have your kitchen doors damaged in some way, you might recognise the feeling of despair at the thought of having to replace the entire kitchen. Not only can this be very expensive, it's also time consuming and annoying. You may only have damaged one door, but the whole kitchen will need to be replaced – won't it? Not necessarily with replacement kitchen doors.

You can easily replace just one or two doors from our range if you need to

We can replace individual doors if we have a matching style or just the fronts of all doors and your kitchen will be restored to its former glory. It will be as if the damage to your kitchen never happened and your kitchen will look brand new in just a few days.

Reasons Why Your Doors Could Be Damaged


Even the smallest fire on your hob, even if it's quickly extinguished, can lead to door damage. At the very least the doors adjacent to the hob may be left scorched, buckled or warped.


If your washing machine overflows, you leave a tap running or your home is flooded from outside, your lower cupboard doors could be easily damaged. Additionally, they may absorb the water causing them to warp and to become discoloured. Even water coming from an upstairs bathroom and leaking through the ceiling can damage your kitchen doors if it is running onto them for long enough.

Wear and tear

If you have children or pets you may find that certain doors in your kitchen become scratched and worn over time. Lower doors may be more affected by this type of damage. So it's great to know you can replace just the worn out doors if you need to.


If your oven or dishwasher is very close to the doors on either side, they could possibly be affected by the heat. As a result, the paint may bubble. Or the door may even warp out of shape. Simply buying new doors and adding heat protectors will help to avoid this happening again.

Damaged Kitchens - Two Options

There are two very clear choices if you're faced with a damaged kitchen. Firstly, you can replace the entire kitchen (perhaps using insurance to pay for the cost). Another way is to simply replace the kitchen cabinet doors. Obviously the second option is cheaper, quicker and can also help avoid hefty insurance excesses or increased insurance bills.

If you opt for replacement kitchen doors, you can choose to replace just one or two doors. In most cases this is possible, provided your doors are standard and can be easily matched. Thankfully we have a huge range of style options and the chances of finding a match is very good. You may also decide to mix and match your doors by moving them around to add character to the room.

If this isn't possible, or you fancy a total change, you can buy replacement kitchen doors for all of your cupboards. It's easy to do and is a cheaper option than replacing your entire kitchen. In terms of cost you may only need to spend a few hundred. And in terms of time, it will take a week or two to receive your doors, and just a couple of days to fit them.

Generally speaking, damaged kitchen doors don't necessarily mean disaster. It might be annoying, and even sad. But it doesn't have to be costly and time consuming to put things right as we hope we've shown.