Whether crooning to Frank Sinatra or bopping to something current is more your thing, kitchen sound systems are ideal for listening to your tunes on while you're cooking. This is especially true within the hub of the home; your kitchen.

Everyone has childhood memories of their parents doing some embarrassing dancing to songs whilst cooking or serving dinner and we wouldn’t want to break that tradition now would we?! We give a few options below that look great whether you have a modern kitchen featuring tones of bright colours, stainless steel and reflective kitchen cabinets and surfaces or something more traditional consisting of paisley prints and farmhouse style pine units.

gloss kitchen doors

Retro DAB Radio

If you are quite happy flicking between radio waves then this is the perfect option for you. A lot more portable than bigger bulkier units, this style of radio looks great. Most are pretty powerful too, so you can turn it up when you’re enjoying the sunshine filled garden. Roberts are the most well known brand and offer high quality products in a range of colours in the fundamental 50’s shape. They have roughly 120 hours battery life or can be plugged into the mains. They also handily have a headphone socket for nighttime listening and a stereo line out. Team a lovely pastel coloured radio with lots of floral prints. Our Thames Lissa Oak doors will provide the ideal backdrop. So stand back and admire your contemporary take on vintage style.

Phone or Tablet Dock

For minimalist chic kitchens a small but powerful dock might be all you need. Bose have a tremendous selection. Some of which have remotes and are able to be used with all devices that have an auxiliary input. These docks pack a serious punch. So don’t worry that you won’t be able to hear your music from all of your kitchen diner space. Or even those summer barbeques where you’re enjoying your garden. Match your well-designed sound system of choice to your cabinets and appliances by choosing plenty of high gloss graphite finished product. The Ultragloss Storm Grey cabinet doors in our vision collection would be the real piece de resistance.

Micro Hifi

For real sound buffs this may be the obvious choice. Most new Sony hifi units spread your sound whatever its format. These can range from CDs and DAB radio through to Bluetooth streaming and playing directly from USB devices (most smart phones and tablets have these). The two speakers are on long wires so can be placed on top of your kitchen cabinets or fridge. And now you can enjoy your music in high quality and at high volume!

Ceiling Systems

This might strike you as unnecessary but imagine not having the clutter of units or docks blocking your work surfaces. Most of the units on the market have speakers that are fitted either in the ceiling or underneath the kitchen cabinets. With these, the ‘hub’ is simply connected to mains and have two or three connection options including Bluetooth, a stereo jack as well as sometimes the ability to wire in another audio source to the back of the hub such as a TV. A wise investment these kind of kitchen sound systems enhances that luxury feel. Continue on that theme with black appliances and a high shine, wood effect cabinet door such as kitchen cabinets.