The Lewes door in Matt Denim

Matt kitchen doors are increasing in popularity, and our TrueMatt range gives you the ultimate matt finish: silky-smooth to the touch and available in a wide range of colours. Incredibly modern and elegant, matt doors will look great in any kitchen - read on for some pros, cons, and styling advice...

Why choose matt doors?

Perfect for busy family kitchens, matt unit doors don't show marks and fingerprints as easily as gloss-finish doors. Our TrueMatt shades are resistant to scratches too, so no matter how hectic your kitchen gets, your new matt doors will stay looking pristine.

And they're not only immensely practical. Matt doors are an easy, affordable way to give your kitchen a cool, luxe look. If you love entertaining, use matt styles to create a chic space where family and friends can gather for food, drinks and good times.

Any problems with matt doors?

Unlike gloss doors, matt kitchen doors don't reflect light, so if your kitchen's on the small side or doesn't get much sunlight, you might prefer a gloss finish. However, choosing a pale shade - white, cream, light grey - will avoid this problem. If you love a bold colour, you can always balance an intense matt finish by choosing bright, gleaming materials to use around the doors - metro tiles on walls and marble-effect worktops, for example. And pale woodgrain flooring will lift the room from the ground up!

It can be slightly harder to clean matt doors - matt surfaces are more likely to absorb stains, and some cleaning products may leave streaks. Microfibre cloths are the solution here - you can find them on Amazon, and in Screwfix or Halfords.

How to style your matt doors

Balance is key when it comes to choosing your new kitchen doors and styling them. Our TrueMatt range includes dark greys and striking blues, soft neutrals and many more - so you're sure to find your perfect shade. Contrast a dark hue with glossy white or light grey worktops, and pair a more mid-toned colour with pale woodgrain for a warm, welcoming look. Whether you want to create a cosy, rustic-inspired kitchen, a space that feels chic and contemporary, or simply something timeless, matt doors will fit effortlessly into your kitchen.

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