For many of us, the reason we go on holiday and rent a cottage or stay in a villa is because it offers us a taste of something we don't already have at home. That might be a swimming pool, lovely sunny weather, great restaurants or a fantastic kitchen with cool kitchen doors. We have all experienced that “wow” factor when we enter our holiday base and said “I wish my kitchen at home was like this” and you know what? It can be.

Bevelled Edges Vanilla
Bevelled Edges Vanilla

Replacement kitchen doors are an excellent way of creating a new kitchen in your own home and for less than the cost of your Summer holiday. You can get that feeling of something new, fresh, clean and exciting and bring back that enthusiasm which everyone should have for cooking and enjoying food with the family.

 Summer holiday kitchen colours

Of course it is easy to say that you should simply choose some nice bright kitchen colours – but what we are trying to recreate here is something different and out of the ordinary. Something which is inspiring and a joy to come home to. Your holiday kitchen was probably just really smart and attractive and that is easily done with colours from a neutral palette such as vanilla or cream.

Your worktop should also reflect this attention to the right colours and could also be creams or wood. When it comes to the walls however you can really reflect the colours of your favourite destination. Maybe blues and terracotta for the Mediterranean or more whites and creams for a French inspired look.

 Creating a family holiday kitchen

One of the best parts of long lazy holidays is the fact that everyone is together in the mornings for breakfast without having to rush off and go to work. Getting that feeling in your home kitchen is possible. You can create an eating space easily with replacement kitchen doors. Just purchase some extra cabinets and doors and add a new worktop and you have a breakfast bar. Event the smallest kitchen can have a small eating area.

Your dining room can also benefit form new kitchen doors. These might be used to create storage for your crockery, be used to delineate an eating nook or even used to create an eating island.

 Holiday kitchen accessories

Injecting a holiday holiday feeling into your kitchen may be as simple as adding a few accessories. These might include baskets overflowing with garlic, fresh tomatoes and herbs, new curtains or blinds in colours which add sparkle or maybe nick nacks and collectibles from your holiday destinations. These items can be cheap to buy abroad and will look great in your new replacement door kitchen.

 Offsetting the cost

Maybe this year, you are having to choose between a new kitchen or a holiday. We think that we are offering the best of both worlds. A new kitchen which is significantly cheaper due to the use of replacement kitchen cabinets doors and a look which is inspired by holidays and Summer. Then, you may well have enough money left over to take that holiday after all.

Obviously we think that by building the kitchen of your dreams, it will feel like you are on holiday every day – but we all need a break. But just imagine your delight when you get home, only to notice that your kitchen at home is even better than the one you left behind in your villa.