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We’ve seem some interesting trends in customers choices of replacement kitchen door colours over the past month, with the introduction of our new Zurfiz Kitchen Doors and Zurfiz Bedroom Doors which have entered our list of most asked for doors styles – straight in position at position 4.

Zurfiz Ultragloss Plum Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Zurfiz Ultragloss Plum Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Our new Zurfiz acrylic door finishes have brought a riotous splash of colour to the kitchen door buyers colour pallet. Their strikingly bold high gloss colours including Zurfiz Ultragloss Plum and Zurfiz Ultragloss Saffron are tempered by a calm and cool selection of matt colours such as Bella Matt Olive and Bella Matt Dakar to name a few. There new Zurfiz textured finishes Rich Raffia and Russet Raffia have also set to be firm favourites with replacement kitchen door buyers, as their warm organic colours and tactile surface appeal to those looking for kitchen more in tune with nature.

Zurfiz Ultragloss Saffron Kitchen Doors with Inset Handles

Zurfiz Ultragloss Saffron Kitchen Doors with Inset Handles

Zurfiz doors also come with the option of a fully inset handle, which gives the door a smooth, clean and totally uncluttered appearance, whilst at the same time making the doors suitable for use on integrated appliances, which has always proven difficult with traditional ‘handleless’ door options. And with the added choice of 3 edge details (matching, stainless steel and glass effect) you can design a kitchen or bedroom as individual as you are.

Most popular door styles

1. Venice

2. Shaker

3. Lincoln

4. Zurfiz

5. York

6. Newport

7. Roma

8. Warwick

9. Pisa

10. Canterbury

Most popular door colours

1. High Gloss White

2. Super White Ash

3. Satin White

4. Ivory

5. Vanilla

6. Beech

7. Natural Oak

8. Lissa Oak

9. Maple

10. Canadian Maple

Simple door styles such as Venice, Zurfiz and Lincoln still dominate the kitchen door buyers shopping lists, as home ‘improvers’ continue to favour the clean and uncluttered look of a minimalist kitchen or bedroom.

Venice Kitchen Doors

Venice Kitchen Doors

Shaker and Warwick door designs are also extremely sought after, as their simple framed style can be used to create a contemporary or traditional style kitchen or bedroom, with the addition of themed accessories such as handles and tiles, to accent the particular room style that you are looking to create.

Whites Ivory and Vanilla door colours are still firm favourites, together with light natural woodgrain finishes such as Beech, Natural Oak and Lissa Oak, which have a mellow strength and homely warmth .

Warwick Vanilla Kitchen Doors

Warwick Vanilla Kitchen Doors

Choosing the right colour for your new kitchen or bedroom doors has never been easier, with our free door colour samples service you can see exactly what your new kitchen will look like.

You can also download one of our Zurfiz or Bella kitchen and bedroom door brochures.

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