When it comes to decorating, choosing your kitchen colour combinations is one of the biggest decisions you make. Colours are powerful, and can make the difference between a room you simply cook and eat in and a room where you love spending time. And if you want to make your kitchen feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming, the right colours will do that for you - at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation.

Replacing your kitchen doors is one of the easiest ways of updating the room’s style and allows you to choose from huge range of colours and styles. Worktops and splashbacks can take a little longer to choose, as you have to be mindful of the materials you're selecting, but choosing a stand-out shade will add a bit of extra visual interest to your kitchen.

1. Black and white

Monochrome is a classic when it comes to kitchen colour combinations, but for very good reason - this contrasting scheme will give your cooking space a chic, timeless look. Why not consider pairing gloss white doors with matt black worktops? A mix of textures keeps the look fresh and modern. We have a range of both High Gloss doors and matt doors in dark colours, such as Super Matt Graphite and Super Matt Indigo Blue.

2. Spice it up with reds, yellows & oranges

In cold, dark winter days, the right colours can make your kitchen feel a million times brighter and more welcoming. Warm colours such as deep reds, vibrant oranges and bright yellows will give the room a cosy feel, and can be easily balanced with neutral tones on walls and flooring. Alternatively, fit bold-coloured doors on to a kitchen island, and have plainer doors on surrounding wall and floor units.

3. Contemporary woodgrain and matt colours

Historically, woodgrain doors have been reserved for more traditional kitchens but with the addition of a gloss finish, they can also look incredibly modern. Ultragloss Japanese Pear is a deep, rich woodgrain with a gleaming finish - the perfect balance of classic style and contemporary cool.

4. Grain and green

While it may not immediately strike you as a heaven-made match, woodgrain and green is proving to be a popular pairing. Both colours have a natural feel - so if you love the great outdoors, you can bring a little of it inside - and you can create a range of looks by choosing the right shade of each. A light woodgrain and a pale mint green will give you a fresh, cool space for cooking and relaxing, while a darker woodgrain and a forest-inspired green will create a cosy, comforting kitchen.

5. Pastel chic

For something a little different, how about pastels in the kitchen? Candy pinks, baby blues and minty greens will bring a dose of springtime into your dining space - invite the blue skies inside with Denim Blue kitchen doors. If you love a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look, gentle colours like this will help you create it. But if the thought of having candy-coloured kitchen doors seems a little too sickly-sweet, you can still get the look with accessories - a little coffee machine in pink or pale blue will catch the eye, or you can go bigger and bolder with a retro-style fridge in a pastel shade.