The New Year is often the time people look to renovate their home, and what better place to start than the kitchen. With so many options available and prices getting more competitive, it is now easier than ever to get the kitchen of your dreams. Here are our top tips for 2015.

Grey will go from strength to strength in 2015. Shown here Visions Ultragloss Storm Grey
Grey will go from strength to strength in 2015. Shown here: Visions Ultragloss Storm Grey

1. Modern Traditional Style

Kitchens that marry the classical style of older rooms with the sleek design of modern kitchens are set to be a hit in 2015. People are opting for a combination of the two styles to get a unique, trendy kitchen that reflects who they are.

Many people are swapping the ultramodern cabinets, colours and materials of their kitchen for elegant, traditional styles. Flat-panel cabinets are being swapped for classic door profiles such as the timeless Shaker. Modern design elements such as clinical all-white kitchens and chrome handles are being replaced with tiled black and classy walnut. And finally, materials are being mixed to create wonderfully unique styles such as wood and marble.

2. Repetition

While it may sound counterintuitive, repetition in a kitchen can look fantastic when done properly. Laser-cut plywood, steel panels, wall coverings and tiles are being favoured over the more generic geometric patterns. More traditional patterns are being revitalised to create attention-grabbing designs.

3. Luxurious Metallics

Metallics will always be popular. But while silver, chrome and stainless steel were more popular in 2014, 2015 will make way for warmer, more luxurious metals such as gold, bronze and copper. Their smooth texture and gleaming finish provide a stunning accent to most palette choices. And they do not need to dominate a kitchen either. A touch of gold in the form of faucets or some subtle lighting will look gorgeous in almost any room.

4. Softer colours

The bold, often brash, colours of modern kitchens are beginning to get overlooked in favour of softer, more neutral colours. These shades and finishes, as well as looking great, are extremely versatile, meaning they look fantastic in every type of kitchen, old or new. Grey is the perfect example of this. Shades such as Stone Grey and Matt Cashmere both bring the best out of your kitchen zone.

5. Lose the wall cabinets

Open-plan kitchens have long been at the forefront of kitchen design. They make the room feel spacious and uncluttered. 2015 looks set to take this even further with the more and more people opting not to have wall cabinets. As well as adding to the airy feel of the room, removing the wall cabinets allows the other design features to get the attention they deserve. Picturesque window views, striking range hoods or even paintings will really stand out following the removal of the wall cabinets; just make sure you still have enough storage space for everything!

6. Shaker style

The epitome of kitchen style, Shaker style doors have been fashionable for generations. And 2015 will no doubt be the same, with these classic kitchen doors going from strength to strength. Their simple, timeless style looks great in in traditional and modern kitchens. And as they come in a wide range of designs and colours, there is a Shaker door for everyone.

Those are our thoughts for 2015, what are yours?

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