Fads and fashions come and go but when a classic design or style enters the market, it tends to stick around. Many of today’s most up to the minute homeowners are choosing to install more traditional kitchens as opposed to something ultra-modern so that they can rest assured their new kitchen will look amazing from the moment it’s installed to the moment you decide it’s time for another change – even if it’s decades later!

traditional kitchen doors
traditional kitchen doors in Lissa Oak

1. Traditional Cupboard Doors

if you’ve got a healthy kitchen carcass and you like the way your units are laid out but don’t like your kitchen cupboard doors, you can avoid ripping everything out by simply changing them for something a little more rustic and high end. You’ll find lots of different solid hardwood kitchen cupboard doors to choose from in every wood under the sun, from traditional oak to exotic mango wood. Warm wood never dates and if you keep the rest of the room simple, you can enjoy tapping into current trends by changing your accessories around whenever you feel like it.

2. Lovely Light Fittings

Modern lights can really jar in a traditional space so if you’re going for the country kitchen or period kitchen look then go the whole hog and make sure you choose appropriate light fittings. There are all sorts of second hand, reproduction and reconditioned light fittings available to suit a home from any era. If you want to add even more light but don’t want to use a modern method like spotlights, try hiding your light sources instead. You can use LED strip lights underneath cupboards and in alcoves to create a soft glow without leaving ugly bulbs on display.

3. Marvellous Materials

One of the problems that homeowners can run up against when designing a kitchen is ending up with too many trendy touches that make the space less flexible. Things like giant wall friezes, high gloss black cupboard doors, ceilings dotted with spotlights and enormous American style fridges are very in now, but they’re permanent additions that could quickly fall out of favour. To provide yourself with maximum flexibility choose simple wooden kitchen cupboard doors and a neutral palette for your walls, tiles and floor. Then you can inject excitement with fun fabrics for your window dressings, tablecloth and other soft furnishings and completely transform your room quickly, easily and cheaply any time you feel like it.

4. Freestanding is Fun!

If you want to create a truly authentic looking kitchen in a period home then opt for freestanding. There’s no reason why you have to choose fitted units and there are plenty of options when it comes to finding freestanding kitchen furniture. You can look for period pieces like authentic tallboys and welsh dressers or find reproduction pieces that will sit well in any traditional space. Or create a blend of fitted and freestanding with conventional cupboards and a freestanding kitchen island that you can move around to any area of the room.