As we say farewell to the mini heatwave that has bathed the country in sunshine for the past week, we look ahead to summer and have come up with five top tips for getting the most from your home over the coming summer months.

Freshen It Up

There’s something about the smell of fresh summer air - the sweet smell of flowers blooming or the enticing aroma of freshly cut grass.  So open those windows and let the joyous summer breeze fill your home. Although it is such a small thing to do, it can add so much life to your home (just remember to shut them when the inevitable summer storm hits).

An open window lets so much light and fresh air onto your home
An open window lets so much light and fresh air onto your home

Summer Colours

After a long, cold winter, get away from the dark, wintery colours and give your home a light, bright feel that matches your cheerful vibe. Sky blue is arguably the epitome of summer style, with its vibrant tone adding bags of life and character to the room. Alternatively, a sunny yellow is a bright, happy colour that can’t help bring a smile to your face. Artwork and accent pillows are tow simple ways of bringing the sunshine into your home.

Our Trends Light Grey has a wonderful, summery blue hint

Decorate the Garden

A gorgeous, furnished garden can turn a nice home into a truly beautiful one.  Although expensive, investing into decent quality patio set can transform your garden into something special. While brick barbecues look stunning, they are a hassle to build and require high maintenance whereas standing barbecues can look just as good at a fraction of the cost and effort.


Summer barbecues are a staple for the warmer months
A barbeque and some elegant patio furniture give your garden so much character

However you decide to decorate your home this summer, be sure to make the most the most of it as we all know how unreliable the British summer is.  How will you decorate your home this year?