How do you get a brand new looking kitchen without paying brand new kitchen prices? The answer is replace your kitchen doors and your kitchen worktops. You may be wondering how this is any different to installing an entirely new kitchen and how it could possibly be any cheaper. Well, read on for an explanation of exactly how this can work for you.

Many of us expect that a new kitchen means that all the units, worktops, appliances and sinks needs to be ripped out and new versions put back in. It doesn't have to be this way. In fact most of your kitchen can be reused or even left exactly where it is. You can replace just your kitchen doors and the worktops and you kitchen will look like it has had a complete makeover.

You may consider that replacing the kitchen doors via an online kitchen door replacement company is enough to get the wow factor. If your worktops are still in great condition this may be the case. But often the simple act of replacing your kitchen doors can highlight the fact that your worktop has seen better days too. So replacing both together is a great idea.

New worktop benefits

Getting your worktop from your kitchen door supplier is a good move for lots of reasons:

  • They will have worktops which match well with the doors they sell.
  • They often sell worktops which come in a variety of lengths. This eliminates or reduces waste compared to the larger DIY stores where you must buy one standard length regardless of how much you actually require.
  • You can get a variety of thicknesses to suit the profile of your units and the position of your tiles.
  • You can also buy upstands and splashbacks to complete the look.
  • You can opt for a varity of materials including wood, composite and natural materials.

Deciding what worktop will work best in your new kitchen can be a little hit and miss. This is where you want to find a supplier who is willing to send you samples. You will want to see how it works against your new kitchen doors and whether it catches the light or absorbs it. A new worktop is an investment, so getting the colour and material right is important.

Fitting your worktop

It is true that fitting a worktop can be a difficult task, but only if you are attempting to make invisible corner joints. If you are an experienced DIYer you may be able to attempt this yourself. Worktop fitting jigs can be purchased from DIY stores or even hired especially for the job. The jig allows you to cut the perfect angle for your worktop corners allowing you to fit two sections together at a ninety degree angle. You will also need coloured adhesive to disguise the joins. Having your previous worktop as a template will help you to make the right cuts.

Of course if you feel this may be too difficult for you, getting a tradesman in to do this one job can be very inexpensive. It is unlikely to take a good tradesman longer than one or two days to fit your new worktop and this might even be a cost which is met by the savings you have made on your new kitchen.

Adding new worktops and kitchen doors to your existing kitchen design will give you the best of both worlds. You will get a great looking kitchen which feels new and looks stylish and you will be getting it at a fraction of the cost of a brand new kitchen where everything is replaced. The choice is yours!