Even the most attractive kitchen doors can leave you feeling as though there is something missing. Something which will catch the eye and create a part of the kitchen which will become the centre of attention. A glazed kitchen door is the perfect way to achieve that focal point, without losing the feel and charm of the kitchen design.

What is a glazed kitchen door?

A glazed door is simply a door made of the same material and colour as your other doors, but with a glass panel set into the face. It could be patterned or etched glass or it could be plain. Usually these cupboards are used as display units and will normally house your glasses and items you don't mind having on other people seeing.

However the best thing about a glazed door is it creates a part of the kitchen which is different from the rest. The glazed kitchen door blends into the kitchen and yet it sets itself apart. This focal point will allow your kitchen to have that something special and without too much effort on your part.

You can even choose to buy replacement glazed kitchen doors to replace two or four kitchen cupboards. This will give your kitchen a quick lift without having to do anything else.

Where should I put my glazed kitchen door?

Deciding where to place your glazed kitchen cabinet is likely to be the hardest part of your kitchen makeover decision. You would normally have at least two glazed cupboards to balance the look and these can be placed in numerous locations.

One idea is the put them together in the centre of a bank of cabinets. It will break up the array of doors, pulling your eyes away from the plainer doors. Another option is to use the glazed kitchen doors at each end of the kitchen. In a smaller kitchen this idea will pull the kitchen together, giving it a beginning and an end. Finally you could try putting one glazed unit to each side of your cooker backsplash. This will highlight this area and once again, it will break up the overall look of the kitchen.

Glazed units can also be used in a central island  or dining area. In these parts of a kitchen you may be more inclined to store your tableware. It's a great way to put these on display. It is also the perfect way to identify areas as separate from the main kitchen.

What type of glazed door is best?

Glazed doors work well with any design or material of door. The more traditional painted or wooden doors will often have glazed panels which are leaded or patterned in some way. You could choose this to match your kitchen windows, giving a cohesive look. More modern doors are likely to use etched glass. These may have a pattern such as a checker board effect or similar.

Can I customise my glazed door?

If you buy doors with plain glass, add a coloured film to the back of the glass to give a pop of colour to your kitchen. This will bring plain white or black doors alive and help them to work with your tiling or painted walls. Coloured film is easy to buy at craft stores and can be carefully applied to clean glass. Patterned transfers are also available if you want an individual look.

A glazed kitchen door is perfect for adding a little bit of interest to your kitchen. For either a modern or traditional look, a glazed kitchen door is the perfect antidote to boring walls of cupboard doors.