Ok.  Here at The Kitchen Door Workshop, we’re a replacement kitchen door supplier.  You buy the doors, and accessories from us, and that’s our bit done.

In truth, that’s a myth!

Other companies might give you a quick step by step guide of how to measure doors, and then how to fit them, but we care about our customers, and we want them to be happy right the way through form browsing our website, so putting their cutlery away when their new doors and replacement drawer fronts are in.

So, the way we think about it, is that we don’t just take your order and send your stuff out.  We hold your hand.  We HELP you to get your doors fitted and looking good, and we’re in it together.

Look at our measuring guide.  Yes, we’ve got the words to tell you how to do it, but we’ve also got the videos, to SHOW you how it’s done.  It’s a much more effective way, especially if there’s anything you don’t understand.

And finally, once you’ve got the doors, it comes to fitting them.

Guess what?  We’ve got that covered too!  Get out the laptop, get on our site, and look at our videos on how to fit your doors.  We’re doing it with you, and together we get it right!

So yes.  We are a replacement kitchen and cabinet door supplier.  But we team up with you, with the tools we have on our website to make us and you a team.  It’s vital that we’re there for you when you order from us, and give you everything we possibly can to make fitting your new look kitchen easy, and something to be proud of!

Kitchen Door Workshop and YOU. Together, we’re providing a full supply and fitting service.  Give us a try, we believe WE, that’s us and you, are the best.

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