Here in the UK there are two very distinct kitchen styles. Most of them you come across will fall into the category of being either modern or traditional. Many of us can say that we prefer either one of these style types. And would very quickly want to change our kitchen if it wasn't to our liking.

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You may be very happy with the layout of your kitchen. But if the kitchen cupboard doors aren't to your liking, it will put you off immediately. However it is easy to change your kitchen from traditional to modern (or vice versa) by simply changing the kitchen doors.

It is now possible to buy a range of kitchen doors which will suit any taste or style. But how would you decide which one is for you? What if you are torn between modern or traditional and don't know which to choose? What if you don't really know the difference?

Modern kitchen doors

Gloss: Many of the more modern styles of kitchen doors are painted or lacquered in such as way as to give them a gloss finish. These are great for cleaning and they can be very reflective. The shape of the door is usually flat without too many embellishments. If you chose this door you might want stainless steel handles to set it off.

Coloured: Many modern doors are now finished in a multitude of colours. It is almost accepted that more than one colour kitchen door should be used in the room. You could go with black and white as a theme or use various pastel shade to create a modern 1950's touch.

Woodgrain: It may be expected that wood is a more traditional material to make kitchen doors from. While this is true, it is the shape of the door which lends itself to being modern. A thick chunky oak door is extremely modern and up to date and would not look out of place in the newest of apartments.

Glass: Having one or two glass fronted kitchen doors will immediately give the room a modern feel. They are excellent for the storage of glassware as it is possible to see some or all of what is stored inside.

Traditional kitchen styles

Handmade look: Many traditional kitchen doors will come under the heading of a handmade style. This means that it will be wood and with a curved inset profile to the front. This gives the impression that the door is handmade and therefore created by a craftsman. This lends some age to the door even if it very new. This way you get the benefits of modern design with the look of something old.

Matt white: Many traditional kitchens are simply white. Plain kitchen doors are finished in a matt white paint. This is perfect for making a room feel larger and cleaner.

Free-standing units: This style of kitchen may seem old fashioned, but it is making a comeback in recent years. Rather than having each piece fitted, the units stand alone and have the feel of being handmade. It is still possible to buy cabinet doors for this type of unit and many traditional styles are available which will fit perfectly.

So whether you are the modern or the traditional type, there is plenty for you to choose from. Kitchen doors are a simple way change kitchen styles. And if you change your mind it won't cost a fortune.