Kitchen doors are perhaps the most used doors in any house and especially if you use the kitchen as a dining area also. If the kitchen door happens to be a hinged door, people prefer to keep them open to minimise their usage, but generally, kitchen doors are swing doors, which close automatically after a person passes through them. Swing doors are also preferred, as you don’t need to use your hands to unhinge the slide lock of the door, and this helps when passing through the door carrying a tray full of food or dishes. The primary purpose of a kitchen door is to retain the fumes in the kitchen when cooking and heating up food and stopping the aroma from spreading through the house.

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Over time, like any other item that's used a lot kitchen doors also need to be replaced. Alternatively, you may just be tired of the looks of your kitchen and want to renovate it, and give it a fresh look. Well for whatever reason when you choose to replace a kitchen door, there are certain factors you need to consider. The primary of these is the material of the replacement door. Nowadays, kitchen doors are made from lightweight metals, wood veneer, and medium density fibreboard. Some kitchen doors have a medium density fibre core and are covered with a thin lightweight metal sheet like aluminium, or stainless steel. Wooden doors are of course the traditional and preferred material for doors. However, wooden doors require constant care. If the paint chips of the door start to look ugly and worn out, and if the wood is not a properly seasoned hard wood, it can warp and flake. Termites also attack wooden doors, which have not been properly treated.

Your choice of material you want as the core of your kitchen door largely depends on the look you want to give to your kitchen. After selecting the material, you must choose the colour, which is no issue, as nowadays, there is a range of colour choices. When ordering a kitchen door, it's imperative to take the measurements carefully. If you are not a DIY type, get someone who knows how to take the measurements. You will need professional help to fit the door. Price should be your last consideration, as it would be better to invest in a good quality kitchen door once, rather than wasting money on low quality, cheap kitchen doors

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