When it comes to decorating and renovations, most of us spend more money on our kitchens that we do in any other part of the home. But did you know that the colours you pick for your kitchen doors can reflect your personality? Everyone knows that the way we dress says an awful lot about us, but what can you glean from the way someone chooses to decorate their home? If you’re considering which colours to pick in your kitchen then take a look at our quick guide and find out what your kitchen colours could say about you.

metallic champagne kitchen doors


If your kitchen is mainly white or if you’ve chosen white kitchen doors, then you’re someone who likes the simple life and appreciates cleanliness. White is a calm colour that we associate with hygiene so if you’re obsessed with keeping your kitchen spotless then white is your ideal hue.


A black, glossy kitchen can look uber glamorous so a black kitchen is suited to lovers of all things glamorous and exotic. Black kitchen cupboards look great during the day but even better at night so it’s a good choice if you love entertaining.


Bold red is a bright and eye-catching colour and often a favourite of self-assured people. If you’ve chosen red kitchen cupboards then you’re confident about your decorating abilities and will be likely to enjoy adding some more unusual elements to your design.

Light Wood

Natural, light wood is perfect for bright and breezy people who love nature. If you have seven different recycling bins and love nothing better than undertaking a batch of baking every weekend then light wood is perfect for you.

Dark Wood

Dark wood can give a kitchen a sexy, sultry appearance or add bags of character to a traditional home, so if you prefer your décor to be in keeping with the age of your home then pick dark wood.


Sunny yellow is becoming a hugely popular colour for kitchen doors and are the perfect way to add cheer and happiness to a room. If you hate mornings and dark and dingy British winters then yellow kitchen cupboards will give you a boost every time you enter the room.


Modern Minnie’s and metal are a great mix. If your home is packed with the latest gadgets and cutting edge interior design then metal cupboards will give your kitchen a cool and contemporary edge.


It’s hard to keep mess hidden with glazed kitchen doors so if you’re the type of person who makes sure all your tins are facing forward and refuses to have mismatched crockery then glazed doors will allow you to indulge your neat freak and ensure your cupboard interiors are as perfect as the exteriors.

Multi Coloured

Fans of Mondrian or people who simply value fun over sophistication will adore a multi-coloured kitchen. You can choose from a huge variety of colours and finishes to create a really eclectic space that won’t fail to bring a smile to any visitor’s face.