If you have ever thought about updating your kitchen with new kitchen doors, you will have taken inspiration from a number of sources. You may not even have noticed you were doing it, but at every opportunity your brain will have been squirelling away these ideas for your next kitchen make-over. While you may not be always be able to achieve the looks depicted in your favourite magazine, it is possible to get fairly close by making some easy changes such as getting replacement kitchen doors, changing your colour scheme and adding some well chosen accessories.

Cambio kitchen door styles
Cambio kitchen doors

So where does your inspiration come from? The following might be ideal places to start  with if you want to begin your creative journey towards your ideal kitchen.

Houses for sale

You may never have considered looking at online “homes for sale” websites for your kitchen ideas. Many of these websites now have several photos of the home, including the kitchen. In addition they often include 360 degree tours of some rooms.

You can also look at houses which are of a similar size to yours and with the same size kitchen. You will be able to see what changes they have made to achieve a new look. In many cases something simple like different kitchen cabinet doors could be enough to transform a room. Seeing it on someone else's kitchen first will give you a great idea of how it might look in your kitchen.

Legato kitchen doors

You can even be a little cheeky and make some appointments to visit local houses for sale if you want a close up look at their kitchen.

Kitchen retailers

If you are planning any sort of renovation in your kitchen, your local kitchen showroom should be the first place you go to. Only don't buy your kitchen there. Many of these very flashy showrooms have some amazing kitchen ideas and tips, but they may be easy to achieve on a much smaller budget. You may be able to get the same kitchen doors from another supplier and fit them yourself, getting the same look at a fraction of the price.

Magazines and TV

There are now many magazines and television programs which are dedicated to home makeovers, renovations and DIY. These contain a wealth of information which is essential if you want to preview a great new look.

If you are unsure about mixing and matching colours or textures, they can offer tips and ideas which might help you to make up your mind.  In addition these magazines and programs always give ideas about how you can save money on getting your dream kitchen.

Magazines and TV are also good for learning DIY techniques which will come in handy if you decide to makeover your kitchen yourself. Doing DIY is always cheaper and reading about how other homeowners have managed impressive results with a little DIY can be very inspiring.

Friends and family

Always take some time to check out the competition when you go visiting. Ask your friends and family where they got their kitchen, how much they paid and how it works for them. This is first hand information which you cannot get from any other source.

You may not be able to spend the same as some of your friends, but with a little imagination and tricks such as replacing the doors of your cabinets only, you could still achieve the same look at very little cost.

As you can see, there are many locations you can visit to get inspiration for your new kitchen. Taking advantage of these sources is only the start of your journey but at least you will have a clear understanding of what you want, how much you are willing to pay and what the final result will be.