Give your kitchen a fresh new look with our range range of styles of replacement kitchen doors and drawers. They're made to measure, and you'll get a new look kitchen without the hassle and expense of throwing your old kitchen away.

Wide Frame Shaker Vanilla kitchen doors

You can give your kitchen an exciting new look with a vast range of kitchen cabinet drawers and doors of all shapes, colours and sizes.

You can plan a fresh look for your tired old kitchen with one of the biggest ranges of replacement cabinet doors in the UK – we have something for all tastes.

Choose from hundreds of different styles and colours of replacement doors. We can make them fit - not ‘nearly fit’ - regardless of the age and make of your existing kitchen units.

There are more than 700 - yes that’s 700 - replacement doors to choose from. Any style, size, or colour, from just £2.99 each.

Owner Robert Clark said: "We know you don't want the upheaval, not to mention the expense, of a whole new kitchen. Replacing doors over replacing complete kitchens means you don't have to have new worktops, tiles, flooring, or suffer the hassle of decorating afterwards."

“Remember, you don't have to throw your old kitchen units away with us. Simply get a new look by replacing the cabinet doors and drawers. It really is an inexpensive way of breathing new life into your existing kitchen.

“Our website is full of ideas and a wide range of styles for all your replacement cabinet door needs.

“Have a look around, take your time and discover all the benefits of replacing your kitchen doors.”

The company, formed in 1996, is based in East Sussex and offers a nationwide delivery service.

The easy to follow online video guides take the customer through the whole process, from start to finish.

Online customers can:

  • See online video guides on measuring and fitting kitchen doors.
  • Get quotes quickly and easily.
  • Get FREE samples and download a brochure.
  • Get handy care and maintenance tips.
  • View a vast array of styles and colours.

Mr Clark said: “The videos are a great addition to our site - we can SHOW people how quick and easy it is to improve their kitchens.”

The website has over 700 doors to choose from. We make the whole online experience easy and comprehensive for customers. As a company we're constantly striving to make further improvements.

To find out more email You can also contact the dedicated customer helpline on 01825 765041.