If you want to improve your kitchen and you are on a strict budget, you may feel you are facing an uphill battle. Everywhere you look on the High Street there are lovely kitchens on display which are out of your reach. In fact so many stores on the High Street (even the very large DIY stores) offer poor quality products at hugely inflated prices, giving you poor value for money.

Great value Ringer Handleless Kitchen Doors in High Gloss White
Ringmer handleless kitchen doors in High Gloss White

You may not have considered buying your replacement kitchen doors online. But it's by far the best way to get the best deals. There are many reasons for this. We've highlighted some of the top reasons people come to us below.

Lower overheads

Online stores offer great prices because they avoid many of the overheads which High Street stores are subject to. This includes advertising, staff costs, building rents, electricity and insurances. All related to having a physical presence in retail parks and on High Streets.

More competitive

Online stores realise that you have the world at your fingertips. You can compare prices, sizes, colours and materials all while sitting in your home. This small fact keeps online retailers on their toes. They make sure that they are as competitive as possible so that you get the best available deals.

Better value

Online stores tend to offer great bonuses, discounts and offers for their loyal customers. If you agree to receive emails or newsletters, you may be offered money off vouchers or discounts. You'll be informed every time your favourite online retailer is having a sale or when your favourite items are back in stock. This saves you loads of legwork and allows you to make your purchase at the best possible time for you.

Made to measure options

Flexibility is a real issue for many retail stores. Online store can offer you a huge range of options and extras which you simply cannot get from a normal store. Imagine you have a kitchen door which does not fit the usual range of sizes for a standard kitchen. Your options are to replace the entire cabinet at great cost, get a carpenter to make a bespoke door for you or buy from Kitchen Door Workshop and get the exact size you need. It is clear which option you should choose.

Added value extras

Online stores will offer you some of the extras which High Street stores might charge you a fortune for. This includes drilling holes for hinges, how to videos. Also advice and a one stop shop for all your other needs. We can supply door handles, worktops, plinths, pelmets and more.

Buying online will help you prevent costly mistakes. The person taking your order online has specialist knowledge of the products you are ordering. They will know if you have ordered something incorrectly, if your order doesn't make sense or you have forgotten something important. The chances are your local retailer will simply have a checkout for you to go through with no checking whatsoever. Online stores want to get it right first time.

Finally, buying your kitchen doors online will save you money when it comes to installation. You'll be able to do it yourself or choose your own tradesman to help you. Either way, it will be much better value than the services on a design and installation service from any kitchen retailer.

But if you need any further persuasion, do your own experiment. Get a quote from your local retailer. And one from us. Once all of the above are taken into account, we are sure you will see that when it comes to value for money. We win hands down.