Knowing what you kitchen personality is can be a difficult thing to grasp, but it is essential if you are planning a kitchen makeover. For most people, they fit into one of two categories – stylish or practical. However, it is also possible to achieve both of these objectives with the careful use of replacement kitchen doors.

Perhaps the best way to decide if you will fit into the stylish or practical (or even  a little bit of both) kitchen personality is to take our little quiz. It might just be a bit of fun, but it will help you to make your mind up about whether to go for black gloss replacement kitchen doors or wipe clean hard wood.

Your favourite kitchen magazine is:

  1. The Italian one which you can't read, but has the most divine designs
  2. You picked up the brochure from the DIY store – will that do?
  3. You don't have a favourite – you cut pictures out of all the magazines and newspapers to make a mood board

Your favourite dish to whip up in the kitchen is:

  1. You don't cook in the kitchen – it is just for show...
  2. Anything the kids will actually eat – usually spag bol
  3. A gourmet meal once a week, but usually something simple and tasty

Which three appliances are the most used in your kitchen?

  1. The coffee maker, the smoothie maker and the ice maker (for those special cocktails)
  2. The washing machine, the dishwasher and the oven with the grill
  3. The wok burner, the spice grinder and the vegetable chiller

How many people tend to sit in your kitchen during a typical day?

  1. Just two in the morning and no one at night – unless it is at a party where it becomes the best place to hang out – near the bar, of course
  2. Countless: the kids doing homework at the breakfast bar, friends coming over for chats, dogs eating their dinner and anyone else who happens to be hungry
  3. It depends. But when you get together, it is often in the kitchen. It is a nice place to whip up a great meal.

What would your favourite kitchen colour be?

  1. Aubergine highlighted by lime green
  2. Anything but cream or white – maybe wood grain?
  3. White gloss – easy to wipe clean but stylish too.


Mostly 1's: You are super stylish and well aware of it. Your favourite kitchen cupboard doors will be in a modern colour and material such as high gloss or a matt finish. You might even opt for cupboard doors in different colours to highlight different areas of your kitchen. You will want your appliances hidden away behind integrated kitchen doors or even in their utility room. You don't cook much, so your appliances are hardly used, always shiny and look great. Choose the best, because you are making a statement.

Mostly 2's: Mr and Mrs Practical live at your house. You have kids and animals and know that the kitchen is the hub of the house. Your replacement kitchen cupboards need to be easily kept clean with good sturdy handles and plenty of space. Your appliances need to be carefully placed to keep your kitchen easy to use and also hidden behind integrated doors, because the washing machine is on 24 hours a day! Try wood grain finishes or wipe clean painted kitchen doors.

Mostly 3's: You have captured the middle ground and have a good idea of what is stylish, yet you know that a kitchen is there to be used. You like to cook often and usually make something which takes a little effort. You need practical doors which look great too. You want plenty of kitchen cupboard space to store all your kitchen gadgets and worktop areas to display your stainless steel pots and pans.

Whether you are practical, stylish or something in-between, you know that kitchen cabinets from a replacement door supplier are the perfect way to give your kitchen an inexpensive makeover. You can buy the doors to match your personality and even replace them if your circumstances change. There is no need to compromise your personality when it comes to replacement kitchen doors.