Our love affair with Scandinavian (or Scandi) design has been going on for years, and its influence on our home interiors is showing no signs of going away. Pared-down, unfussy yet always elegant, there are many practical reasons Scandi-style kitchens endure. Here we show you how to give your kitchen a Nordic make-over, starting with just a new set of kitchen doors.

Petworth door in Silk White
The Petworth door from our Trends range

Choose simple door styles to achieve a Scandi-style kitchen

The stand-out feature of Scandinavian style is its simplicity. There's nothing complicated or cluttered about the look, which makes it especially suitable for small spaces. If your kitchen's more 'bijou' than big and airy, keeping the décor clean and simple will help you make the most of the space you do have. The Nordic look is also ideal if you need to modernise a cooking space that feels dated - the crisp lines and cool tones will give any room an instant update. Choose plain kitchen doors and drawer-fronts, or for an even more streamlined, minimalist effect, go for handleless doors with sleek finger-pulls or smooth cutaways in place of traditional handles.

White, handleless doors fit perfectly with Scandi style's theme of simplicity.
The Handleless door from our Cambio range

Scandi style loves natural textures

Another hallmark of Scandi style is its use of natural materials and textures - think woodgrain doors and solid wood worktops, stone-effect flooring and small potted plants that add splashes of greenery to the room. This is partly of course inspired by the landscapes of Nordic countries, and their stunning mountains and forests, but you don't have to move countries in order to bring some natural beauty inside! We have a wide range of woodgrain doors that will help you create a modern take on a rustic look - choose paler woodgrains for smaller rooms or spaces that don't get very much daylight, and darker finishes in larger rooms.

Neutral colours

The last key feature of Scandi design is its neutral palette. This is not a look that involves a lot of bold colours and clashing patterns - the overall effect should be calming and restful. Stick to two main colours at most - white and grey, or ivory and woodgrain, for example. If you need to add light to a small space, choose cool-toned neutrals, but if light isn't a problem, you can afford to be a little more daring - dark greys like slate or charcoal look beautiful in spacious kitchens. Browse our range of grey kitchen doors to find your perfect shade. Colour isn't strictly off-limits, however - use plants to add interest to a low-key colour scheme.

Neutral palettes are perfect to achieve a Scandi style kitchen.
The Lewes door from our Trends range