Base Units - 720mm high (870mm high inc legs)

Base units are supplied between 150mm wide and 1000mm wide.

Base units 720 high have a suggested door height 715mm.

Supplied with adjustable legs, and 1 adjustable shelf.

All base units have a 49mm service duct at the rear for pipes/cables etc. Internal depth 513mm, 720mm high base units can be fitted with 715mm high doors or a 570mm high door and a 140mm high drawer front.

Base units are suitable for use as a drawer unit - simply remove the shelf and install drawer boxes (supplied separately).

Popular drawer front combinations are:

  • 4 x 175mm high
  • 3 x 140mm high + 1 x 283mm high
  • 1 x 140mm high + 2 x 283mm high
  • 2 x 355mm high

Double base units (units 800mm wide and above) can be used as wide drawer packs.

928 L Shape Corner Base Unit can be fitted with 2 qty 715mm x 338mm doors

Base units can be used as a built under oven housing. Order a 115 x 596mm drawer front for filling below the oven.

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