Summer may be drawing to a close but we're keeping things light and bright here at Kitchen Door Workshop. We've got three new colours joining our Trends range, so allow us to introduce them...

Denim Blue Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

Denim Blue is a beautiful shade, somewhere between duck-egg and cornflower blue. Like the late-afternoon sky on a sunny spring day, Denim Blue is striking yet serene. If you need to give your kitchen or bedroom an instant lift, adding doors in this pretty blue shade will do the trick.

In an airy, spacious kitchen, doors in Denim Blue will work perfectly against crisp white or cream walls. Pale grey is also a great partner for this colour, and by using a blue and grey palette, you can give your kitchen an almost seaside feel. In a smaller room, pair Denim Blue doors with paint or wallpaper in warm neutrals, or even lemon yellow. The same ideas apply for the bedroom, too: choose cool-toned shades to maximise that feeling of space, and golden-toned neutrals and shades of yellow or dusky pink to add warmth.

High Gloss Denim Blue Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to have realised that High Gloss Denim Blue is Denim Blue's gloss-finish counterpart. The mirror-smooth shine adds a layer of contemporary cool to this gentle colour - so if you love a rustic look, High Gloss Denim Blue doors are a great choice. They'll give you that pastel prettiness without looking too sweet or 'wishy-washy'. Doors in High Gloss Denim Blue are also ideal if you love the idea of a bright colour but don't want anything overpowering. The blue makes a statement, the gloss finish keeps the style looking ultra-modern, but the overall effect won't dominate the room.

Again, you can pair your High Gloss Denim Blue doors with pale greys and neutrals for an airy, relaxed ambience, or you can create a warm, cosy space with buttery yellows and blond wood furniture.


High Gloss Ivory Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

Sleek, gleaming doors in a creamy shade will work in any room and with any existing colour palette, so you can't go wrong with High Gloss Ivory. The light colour and the gloss coating make this combination perfect for smaller spaces that don't get a lot of natural light - it's a great brightener. Equally, if you are blessed with a spacious kitchen or bedroom, High Gloss Ivory will make it seem bigger and more airy.

If you're inspired by low-key, timeless elegance, you could use High Gloss Ivory with dark, contrasting shades like charcoal or navy to create a modern take on monochrome. For a cosy, restful sleeping space, the warm undertones of High Gloss Ivory also make it a great partner for muted autumnal shades like taupe, caramel and russet.

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