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3 Cool New Colours In Our Trends Range

September 1st 2017 by .

Summer may be drawing to a close but we’re keeping things light and bright here at Kitchen Door Workshop. We’ve got three new colours joining our Trends range, so allow us to introduce them…

Denim Blue Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

The Lewes door in Denim Blue

Denim Blue is a beautiful shade, somewhere between duck-egg and cornflower blue. Like the late-afternoon sky on a sunny spring day, Denim Blue is striking yet serene. If you need to give your kitchen or bedroom an instant lift, adding doors in this pretty blue shade will do the trick.

In an airy, spacious kitchen, doors in Denim Blue will work perfectly against crisp white or cream walls. Pale grey is also a great partner for this colour, and by using a blue and grey palette, you can give your kitchen an almost seaside feel. In a smaller room, pair Denim Blue doors with paint or wallpaper in warm neutrals, or even lemon yellow. The same ideas apply for the bedroom, too: choose cool-toned shades to maximise that feeling of space, and golden-toned neutrals and shades of yellow or dusky pink to add warmth.

High Gloss Denim Blue Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

The Brighton door in High Gloss Denim Blue

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to have realised that High Gloss Denim Blue is Denim Blue’s gloss-finish counterpart. The mirror-smooth shine adds a layer of contemporary cool to this gentle colour – so if you love a rustic look, High Gloss Denim Blue doors are a great choice. They’ll give you that pastel prettiness without looking too sweet or ‘wishy-washy’. Doors in High Gloss Denim Blue are also ideal if you love the idea of a bright colour but don’t want anything overpowering. The blue makes a statement, the gloss finish keeps the style looking ultra-modern, but the overall effect won’t dominate the room.

Again, you can pair your High Gloss Denim Blue doors with pale greys and neutrals for an airy, relaxed ambience, or you can create a warm, cosy space with buttery yellows and blond wood furniture.

High Gloss Ivory Kitchen and Bedroom Doors

The Westfield door in High Gloss Ivory

Sleek, gleaming doors in a creamy shade will work in any room and with any existing colour palette, so you can’t go wrong with High Gloss Ivory. The light colour and the gloss coating make this combination perfect for smaller spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light – it’s a great brightener. Equally, if you are blessed with a spacious kitchen or bedroom, High Gloss Ivory will make it seem bigger and more airy.

If you’re inspired by low-key, timeless elegance, you could use High Gloss Ivory with dark, contrasting shades like charcoal or navy to create a modern take on monochrome. For a cosy, restful sleeping space, the warm undertones of High Gloss Ivory also make it a great partner for muted autumnal shades like taupe, caramel and russet.

Which of our new colours do you like best? Let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us. If you like pictures of beautiful kitchens and plates of cake, we’re also on Instagram and Pinterest.


Kitchen Doors To Match Your Favourite Recipes

September 16th 2014 by .

There are probably hundreds of ways for you to choose which type of replacement kitchen door you might choose for your kitchen makeover. You could go with your favourite colour, the type of wood you like, your best historical era or just what the neighbours have. But how about choosing your new kitchen doors based on what you do in the kitchen – more specifically, what you love to cook?


Vanilla doors for your food inspired kitchen


The fact is that each of us have our food likes and dislikes and they are as much a part of our personality as any other of our habits. So why not use your favourite recipes to influence the design of your kitchen? You probably like your favourite foods because of the way they look as much as the way they taste and that certainly says much about your personality and general likes and dislikes. You can’t go wrong if every time you enter the kitchen you are inspired to cook – that is how it should be!

Why not try our replacement kitchen door special menu?


It has to be soup – the clear and smooth finish of a bowl of steaming soup could be brought to mind by a kitchen cabinet door from our Ultragloss range from Visions. These are like pools of light reflective deliciousness. If pea and ham soup is your favourite, you might want to buy a paintable vinyl door and choose your favourite colour to DIY it.


Everyone loves a great roast dinner. It is traditional, simple and people love it. It brings back memories of childhood and looks great on the plate. A shaker style door like the Kingston from the Trends range is a great option for those with a traditional bent. It almost looks like a rectangular version of the plate you might serve your Sunday lunch on.

If you are more of a modernist and like to eat more unusual cuisines from around the world you might like a style such as the Amberley or the Goodwood. Both are intricate and high in design. They catch the eye just like a nicely presented meal will.


If dessert is your favourite meal (and lets face it for most of us, that is the case), you will be happy to know that we offer a number of doors styles and colours which will have you salivating in no time.

When it comes to colour you could choose cream or vanilla from our Trends range. Team this with some raspberry accessories and you have a berry and cream dessert which will rival anything you could whip up. Try matching plain white doors from the Visions range with Ultragloss Red for that instant strawberries and cream look.

Of course you could be a chocolate lover and go for medium tiepolo wood grain finish. This door has all the qualities of silken chocolate but with a few darker grain lines which you could almost mistake for chocolately ripples…

Your final course will obviously be a Gloss Cappuccino from our Trends colour range. Phew you must be full now!

While this might just seem like a bit of fun – and it is. It is worthwhile thinking about your food personality as a way of working out what your design personality is. If you are more likely to create sushi than sandwiches in your kitchen then you need a modern style. However if you like a good old whiskey at the end of a dinner, rather than a cocktail, you might prefer a more traditional style. Whatever your style and colour choice, make sure that your favourite meals match the place where they are created.


Re-designing your Kitchen

May 29th 2014 by .

It’s so difficult to know where to start when you decide to redesign any space within your home, but for some reason, designing the kitchen is the most intimidating. Maybe this is due to the amount of time we seem to spend in this room, as a family, or that it is supposed to be the heart of the home, or even that there seem to be hundred of appliances, gizmo’s and gadgets you have to fit into one modestly sized room. Whatever it is, hopefully these tips will help the room look great and functional well too.

gloss kitchen doors

Rethink Layout

After you have used a room in one format it is really difficult to see an alternative option. Continue reading

Saving Energy in the Kitchen

May 22nd 2014 by .

Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important to the average family nowadays especially at home and especially in the kitchen. Reducing your negative impact can be difficult. Here, we explore some ways you can not only be kinder to the environment, but also save yourself a lot of money, so a win in both situations.

Trends Fontwell Acacia

Trends Fontwell Acacia

Kitchen appliances account for a huge 40% of the total electricity used in your home. Therefore, if you can implement some of these methods you are on a sure fire route to penny saving, which when utilities are increasing in cost by the day, can only be a positive thing.

If you are looking to replace any of your larger kitchen appliances anytime soon, always opt for the energy efficient models as these do all of the hard work for you and will ultimately still save you cash for the entire period you own it. Also, it helps to consider the EU energy rating, you should be aiming to purchase either an A category or even A+ or A++.

If buying a new appliance isn’t realistic for you right now then here are a few things you can alter or check, to ensure they are performing economically.

Starting off with your fridge, this should be set between 3 and 5 degrees. Any cooler than that is a complete waste of energy, however cool you like your beer, as temperatures below 3 degrees can actually cause damage to your food.

Similarly, your freezer should be at -18 degrees and kept as full as possible. This isn’t an excuse to go and fill your freezer with pizza, if you don’t want to fill it with food, use ice packs. This may sound unnecessary, but the less cold air that escapes when you open the door, the better as the warmer external air then will take energy to be re-cooled when you close the door. Another recommended tip is to defrost your freezer every 6 months to enable it to function properly. Another breakthrough in technology means you can buy self-defrosting freezers now, so when you decide to replace your current chiller, go for this variety.

Next u is your washing machine. The much documented ‘wash at 30’ campaign, is still very relevant. Washing at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees makes a huge difference financially, saving up to 40% energy. That is going to equate to a lot of money indeed!

When you switch on the tumble dryer to help you dry your many loads of washing you are roughly costing yourself 60p per use. That’s a lot of money for an average family of four who do four or five loads of washing and drying per week. Consider whether you can dry naturally outdoors, or alternatively use the heat you have already paid for to heat your home.

The more commonly known tips are to switch to LED lighting, rather than pricey regular bulbs. Only run the dishwasher when it’s completely full. It’s also worth noting the ‘quickwash’ setting is the priciest, so stick to the normal cycles.

Spring Cleaning your Kitchen

March 27th 2014 by .

This is the time of year where most of us start to feel that we should give our homes a bit of a deep cleanse before summer is upon us (fingers crossed). A clean home feels refreshed and spacious so write off a weekend, get the whole family involved and get cleaning. Here, we have some great time and money saving tips to effectively clean tricky kitchen cabinets and other utensil in the kitchen to ensure you are finished so quickly; you still have time for a glass of wine in the garden when you’re finished.

Trends Fairlight Acacia

Trends Fairlight Acacia

To kick us off is a tip for whilst cooking to prevent Continue reading

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