1. 3 Cool New Colours In Our Trends Range

    3 Cool New Colours In Our Trends Range
    Summer may be drawing to a close but we're keeping things light and bright here at Kitchen Door Workshop. We've got three new colours joining our Trends range, so allow us to introduce them... Denim Blue High Gloss Denim Blue High Gloss Ivory   Denim Blue Kitchen and Bedroom Doors The Lewes door in Denim Blue Denim Blue is a...
  2. Kitchen Doors To Match Your Favourite Recipes

    There are probably hundreds of ways for you to choose which type of replacement kitchen door you might choose for your kitchen makeover. You could go with your favourite colour, the type of wood you like, your best historical era or just what the neighbours have. But how about choosing your new kitchen doors based on what you do in the...
  3. Re-designing your Kitchen

    It’s so difficult to know where to start when you decide to redesign any space within your home, but for some reason, designing the kitchen is the most intimidating. Maybe this is due to the amount of time we seem to spend in this room, as a family, or that it is supposed to be the heart of the home, or even that there seem to be hundred of appliances, gizmo’s and gadgets you have to fit into one modestly sized room. Whatever it is, hopefully these tips will help the room look great and functional well too. gloss kitchen doors Rethink Layout After you have used a room in one format it is really difficult to see an alternative option. Continue reading →
  4. Saving Energy in the Kitchen

    Being environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important to the average family nowadays especially at home and especially in the kitchen. Reducing your negative impact can be difficult. Here, we explore some ways you can not only be kinder to the environment, but also save yourself a lot of money, so a win in both situations. Trends Fontwell Acacia Kitchen appliances...
  5. Spring Cleaning your Kitchen

    This is the time of year where most of us start to feel that we should give our homes a bit of a deep cleanse before summer is upon us (fingers crossed). A clean home feels refreshed and spacious so write off a weekend, get the whole family involved and get cleaning. Here, we have some great time and money saving tips to effectively clean tricky kitchen cabinets and other utensil in the kitchen to ensure you are finished so quickly; you still have time for a glass of wine in the garden when you’re finished. Trends Fairlight AcaciaTrends Fairlight Acacia To kick us off is a tip for whilst cooking to prevent Continue reading →
  6. Bring Sunshine into your Kitchen with Travel Inspired Decorating

    In gloomy December we're all wishing we could jet off for a bit of winter sun. If you can't quite make it to the Caribbean this winter, how about basing your replacement kitchen doors around the idea of holidays? This can be as subtle or as overt as you like. Stone Grey kitchen doorsStone Grey is a great colour for a walking holiday inspired kitchen Summer sun If you want a bright and cheerful kitchen, pick colours that remind you of the beach, such as a yellow and blue colour scheme. For sophistication and to avoid your kitchen resembling a baby's nursery, don't pick primary colours but paint the walls in lighter, dustier hues. Have a look at photos from your beach holiday for inspiration. Subtler colours will still remind you of the seaside, without being garish. Your replacement kitchen doors could be a design in the cream ash colour way, because this has a texture of wood and a creamy, limed appearance, like bleached driftwood. Add a corkboard and create a collage of your favourite holiday snaps, or have the best ones framed to put on the walls. Continue reading →
  7. Charming Kitchens, Country Cottage Style

    Whether you have a mansion in the middle of the country, or a flat in the middle of Birmingham, it’s easy to create a country cottage look that’s full of charm.  All it takes is the right choice of country-style replacement kitchen doors to really pull off this look. Wadhurst lissa oak kitchen doorsThe Wadhurst in Lissa oak is ideal for a country kitchen look Which cupboard style? We’re going to focus on the kitchen. Because this is a working area, your room needs to look wonderful but also be practical. We’ll start with the kitchen doors. For replacement kitchen doors in a great country cottage style we suggest the Wadhurst in Lissa Oak, a perfect warm wood colour with a traditionally carved style. You can also try enhancing the eclectic look with two styles of design and finish, so add some units in Midhurst too, in a different kind of wood – beech is a nice contrast. Choose some of the doors in an open frame, to show off your collections of kitchen ware. The advantage is that these units look perfectly old fashioned, but you can be assured that they’re made from all new materials and are very easy to clean and look after. Continue reading →
  8. Create a bachelor pad kitchen - one for the boys!

    If you’re planning on a DIY project during those long winter nights, you could think about overhauling your kitchen. When you’re redesigning your home, bedrooms and living rooms often come first, but you can spend a lot of time in your kitchen, too. You need the staples – a big table to eat from and replacement kitchen doors – once you've decided on the style of these, you can add the rest of your décor. black kitchen doors ultra gloss effectSleek black always works well in masculine kitchen Which door? The ultimate bachelor pad is a great mixture of the sleek and the rugged, of simple natural colours in both dark and light, and great design pieces. We suggest centring your kitchen around your kitchen doors – gloss anthracite, black, or metallic black in one of our bold and simple designs like the Brighton or Newick will look sleek and striking. They have the advantage of being practical, too – easy to clean and hardwearing, and they won’t lose their deep shine. Stripped floorboards look simple and practical too. Choose a wood or laminate in a medium dark wood, or try polished concrete for an industrial effect. Continue reading →
  9. Create a dazzling kitchen with some bold new lighting

    Now that you’re planning on revamping your kitchen, getting replacement kitchen doors and making your cooking space look beautiful, don’t forget the lighting. It’s an essential detail which, at the flick of a switch, can totally change the mood of a room. Forget harsh strip lights and create a lighting scheme which is both useful and atmospheric. Also there are some incredible replacement doors which will really show off your lighting to its best effect. White cabinets are a great way to inject light into the room, but don't forget lighting too. Of course, in a kitchen it’s important to have good lighting so that you can see exactly what you’re doing when you’re cooking. Grated fingers instead of carrots is never a pretty addition to a dish. Make sure that you place lights above work surfaces. You can install them below your overhanging cupboards to both focus the light source and keep them unobtrusive when not in use. The type of light you are looking for is a tube light that is encased in a box shade. They come in different lengths, so work out how long you need it to be. The best way to install them, of course, is to plan where you need them and get a registered electrician to wire them in. If you’re on a budget, however, you can get plug in lights which you can simply screw to the wall. You can then train the flex along the corner of the wall and the unit, out of sight, until you get to a plug socket. Continue reading →
  10. Finishing touches – choosing the perfect door knobs for your kitchen doors

    Here in our workshops, we know that the devil is in the detail. That’s why when we think about our replacement kitchen doors, our designers are constantly carefully studying the furniture designs of the past, and looking at the trends of the future. bar handlesThese bar handles are a great option for these plain red doors from Visions We look at everything including the shape of a door edge: do our customers prefer it rounded or at a precise 90 degree angle? This goes right through to the design of our hinges: what’s the best design that will work smoothly day in, day out, for years? Of course, we bet that you never even think about the hinges on your kitchen doors – that’s because we’ve done the thinking for you. But there’s one thing that we’d like you to think about. In fact, we positively encourage it. We’d like you to put your own final stamp on your dream kitchen, and make it truly your own with the finishing touches. Now you’ve picked the finish, the design, and the size, you need to choose a handle. But we know it’s hard to choose. Brass? Pewter? Long, short, miniature? We have so many handles and knobs that we’ve put together a quick guide to what handle looks good with what kitchen door. Continue reading →

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