This is the time of year where most of us start to feel that we should give our homes a bit of a deep cleanse before summer is upon us (fingers crossed). A clean home feels refreshed and spacious so write off a weekend, get the whole family involved and get cleaning. Here, we have some great time and money saving tips to effectively clean tricky kitchen cabinets and other utensils in the kitchen to ensure you are finished so quickly; you still have time for a glass of wine in the garden when you’re finished.

Trends Fairlight Acacia

Trends Fairlight Acacia

To kick us off is a tip for whilst cooking to prevent you soaking and chiseling food from your oven for hours after loads of spillages have happened, as they do. If you see something overflow whilst cooking in the oven them simply cover it in salt, which prevents is from burning and getting baked on solid. Clever, right? Also, if the burning smell has already started to spread through the room, add some cinnamon, which will soon conceal it.

Next up are those pesky food processors and blenders, which can be a nightmare to clean, but not in you know this advice. Once you have finished using the appliance add some washing up liquid and top up with water. Return the jug to its base and, ensuring the lid is on zap the bubbly solution for a minute or so until you see the stains and food remains disappear. Genius!

An unlikely but massively efficient cleaning appliance is WD40. You may think this chemical is only suitable for cars but that is entirely false. This little beauty can be used to reduce scratching on CD’s, to remove water stains on the shower screen or even protect your stainless steel products in the kitchen.

Speaking of stainless steel isn’t it annoying when you find small scratches when cleaning, that you have noticed before. Once you know it’s there it will annoy you no end so gently use steel wool which will reduce the depth and appearance of the scratch. Brilliant, we know.

Our beloved coffee machines get a bashing when they’re on at least once a day, so the jugs are often stained and unsightly, until now! Add a hefty amount of ice as well as a teaspoon of salt and several quarters of lemon and watch the stains vanish. You’re left with a sparkling new coffee jug ready to supply you with your daily caffeine.

To give cutlery a bit of a lift soak it in a large bowl containing warm water and a tiny amount of bicarbonate of soda. They will come out sparkling, then buff with a dry towel. Perfect for those upcoming dinner parties.

Some of the most difficult utensils to clean are graters and mashers. Leave the food to dry on the tool and then use a pastry brush to remove the remnants. no need to keep ‘soaking’ these and still not being satisfied.

If you have any fail safe tips for spring cleaning especially ones that involve taking care of your kitchen cabinet doors, without using chemical filled, abrasive options, then do let us know.