In gloomy December we're all wishing we could jet off for a bit of winter sun. If you can't quite make it to the Caribbean this winter, how about basing your replacement kitchen doors around the idea of holidays? This can be as subtle or as overt as you like.

Stone Grey kitchen doors
Stone Grey is a great colour for a walking holiday inspired kitchen

Summer sun

If you want a bright and cheerful kitchen, pick colours that remind you of the beach, such as a yellow and blue colour scheme. For sophistication and to avoid your kitchen resembling a baby's nursery, don't pick primary colours but paint the walls in lighter, dustier hues. Have a look at photos from your beach holiday for inspiration. Subtler colours will still remind you of the seaside, without being garish. Your replacement kitchen doors could be a design in the cream ash colour way, because this has a texture of wood and a creamy, limed appearance, like bleached driftwood. Add a corkboard and create a collage of your favourite holiday snaps, or have the best ones framed to put on the walls.

Misty moors

Of course, if your ideal holiday consists of striding across the Yorkshire Moors, start with replacement kitchen doors in Stone Grey, a lovely gentle, but quite dark, natural looking brown grey. Take out your photos from your walking holiday and see what colours catch your eye. The moors can still have striking blue skies, so you might pick a blue and green to complement the grey. You might choose a dusty purple shade to remind you of the heather. Or add cream or white highlights to remind you of birds you've spotted.

Country chic

If you have a favourite country that you love to visit, think about blending flourishes of their national decorating style to your kitchen. French Provencal style would be all about shabby chic, copper pans and antique accessories; cream or natural wood cabinets will look perfect. For a complete contrast, a Mexican inspired kitchen will be wildly colourful; think about cobalt blues and fiery chilli reds. You might enjoy going to New York, where the design aesthetic is sleek. You can also use souvenirs from your travels as a starting point. Pick out the colours from a favourite vase or rug you've found along the way.

Souvenir style

Or, consider incorporating the actual souvenirs themselves, and become a connoisseur of tiling. Travellers to Turkey will know how wonderful the tiles from the region are, with amazing designs of flowers, creatures and calligraphy in blue, white and red. They would make a very striking starting point for a kitchen, with plain white gloss kitchen cabinets. Regions of Italy are famous for their terracotta painted tiles, and of course, the tiny glass mosaic tiles produced since Roman times come in a gorgeous rainbow of shimmering colours. One of the most famous places for tiles is the Netherlands. Dutch tiles come hand painted with a variety of charming designs, often with great meaning. Buy just one or two if you prefer, and make them a centrepiece amongst plainer tiles. Finally, stay in England for inspiration and take a look at the beautiful geometric designs of Victorian tiles. You can get them in reproduction or from reclamation yards. For inspiration from some of the most beautiful Victorian tiles in Britain, have a cup of tea in the refreshment rooms at the V&A. The three rooms are tiled floor to ceiling in beautiful glowing colours, designed by William Morris, James Gamble and Edward Poynter. Ideal for mixing and matching with one of our colourful gloss kitchen doors.

Whichever country, colours or styles you love, incorporating treasured memories into your décor is an unusual way to keep your travels alive during those wet weekends.