Shaker style kitchens are hugely popular right now. But what are shaker style doors? And where does the term ‘shaker’ come from?

Here, we tell you all you need to know about shaker style doors and why they’re the perfect choice for your kitchen.

What does a shaker door look like?

A shaker door typically has a flat central area surrounded by a raised rectangular frame. The two vertical sections of the frame are called stiles and the two horizontal sections are known as rails.

Traditionally made in white or cream, shaker style doors are now available in a wide range of colours. It’s a classic choice for kitchen cabinets because shaker style goes with everything and gives a simple, timeless feel to your kitchen.

The origin of shaker style kitchen doors

So why are they called shaker cabinets? Well, shaker style doors actually date back to the late 18th Century when a religious group known as the ‘shakers’ left England to set up a new community on the east coast of America.

The shakers believed in a simple, understated way of life, and as part of this approach they developed a style of handcrafted wooden furniture that was both durable and practical. Their cabinet designs featured a signature framed door, and thus shaker style doors were born.

Shaker style kitchen doors: A timeless choice

Shaker Beech kitchen doors
Washington kitchen doors in Beech

The simple elegance of shaker style doors is just one of the reasons they’ve been a popular choice for kitchens ever since they were first created back in the 1700s. The simplicity of the design means that shaker doors won’t date however much kitchen trends change, plus it’s a really adaptable style so you can easily ring the changes with new handles or tiles.

Today, all the top kitchen companies such as IKEA, B&Q, Howdens, Wickes and Wren include shaker styles in their range. And while the traditional farmhouse look used to favour white or cream cabinets, the current trend is for dark and moody tones in blues and greens.

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