Have you ever been to a party, dressed in your newest outfit and feeling fantastic, and when the host opens the door they have exactly the same clothes on? Not only exactly the same clothes, but the accessories and even the socks seem to have come from the same place you got them from. How embarrassing! Well, since a certain Swedish retailer landed on our shores, the same thing seems to have happened to our homes. Go and visit someone and you’ll recognise that vase, that quirky print, and even those kitchen doors. “I have one exactly like that at home!” you think.

Well, we reckon you should break out of that identikit mould, ditch your Bråvikan and your Odenksvik, and start injecting some personality into your home. Let’s start with the kitchen.

Wardrobe doors in Denim Blue
Even a plain white kitchen can help you express your personality

Rock and Roll

If you’re a music lover, or just love musician’s sense of style, we've got the kitchen for you. Start your kitchen revamp with replacement kitchen doors. This is a really cheap and straightforward way of changing the look of the whole room. Have a look at our metallic, glossy doors in black. Pick a clean, contemporary door style – something like the Legato will do nicely. Now, go to town on the walls. Ever thought of silver leaf? Or even gold leaf, if you’re emulating the even more opulent type of rock star. If you can’t get metal leaf, gold and silver paint will do. Just make sure it’s really shiny. Then, find some awesome handles. Think outside the box with this – one solution is to get some huge, silver pendants and have a craftsman convert them to handles. A big silver skull would work, a crucifix or the shape of your favourite guitar... Now just pin up a poster of your favourite rock chick, and you’re sorted!


At the other end of the scale, there’s the traditional look. What a traditionalist likes is good solid furniture and pretty styling. Far from “chuck out your chintz” we say “Bring back the chintz!” We recommend an ornate set of kitchen doors for you, something like the Tongue & Groove in comfortable oak grain. Add some flowery wall paper and find some nice flower vases for fresh flowers every day. What you’re looking for here are touches that feel warm and welcoming.

Vintage Retro

The word vintage, of course, covers lots of styles and time periods. We suggest that you start with your favourite vintage article and build your look from there. An enamel milk jug you picked up at an antiques fair, a pair of vintage curtains, or even the colour of your favourite vintage retro dress. Make yourself a kitchen that really pops with fun and vibrancy. For a 50’s look, try a Cambio kitchen door in Matt Denim. Add cream walls and quirky accessories. A print curtain – maybe something in lime green, purple and grey in a jazzy fifties design will complete the look. But, you don’t have to choose one of our ready-made colours. The beauty of the range is that we offer our doors in paintable vinyl, so you really get exactly what you want. Take that favourite dress to a paint shop and have them match the colour exactly. Take it from there for a guaranteed unique kitchen!

Clean Minimalist

As an antidote to the busy colour schemes suggested above, if all you want is a clean, calm kitchen, we can help. For true sleek minimalism, you can have the Legato doors in gloss white. The Legato doors are absolutely plain and the gloss finish is immaculate. To truly go for the gallery-like, white cube look, you can then choose a white countertop and paint your walls white. Add a single artwork (in a white frame of course). To really take this look to its logical conclusion, of course, you should now serve only bite sized sushi or canapés, along with fizzy white wine. But we recommend you enjoy yourself, and cook whatever you like!

Whatever your personal style, there is always a replacement kitchen door to suit your needs. It is just the tricky job of making the choice which will have you scratching your head.