There are probably hundreds of ways for you to choose which type of replacement kitchen door you might choose for your kitchen makeover. You could go with your favourite colour, the type of wood you like, your best historical era or just what the neighbours have. But how about choosing your new kitchen doors based on what you do in the kitchen – more specifically, what you love to cook?


Vanilla doors for your food inspired kitchen


The fact is that each of us have our food likes and dislikes and they are as much a part of our personality as any other of our habits. So why not use your favourite recipes to influence the design of your kitchen? You probably like your favourite foods because of the way they look as much as the way they taste and that certainly says much about your personality and general likes and dislikes. You can't go wrong if every time you enter the kitchen you are inspired to cook – that is how it should be!

Why not try our replacement kitchen door special menu?


It has to be soup – the clear and smooth finish of a bowl of steaming soup could be brought to mind by a kitchen cabinet door from our Ultragloss range from Visions. These are like pools of light reflective deliciousness. If pea and ham soup is your favourite, you might want to buy a paintable vinyl door and choose your favourite colour to DIY it.


Everyone loves a great roast dinner. It is traditional, simple and people love it. It brings back memories of childhood and looks great on the plate. A shaker style door like the Kingston from the Trends range is a great option for those with a traditional bent. It almost looks like a rectangular version of the plate you might serve your Sunday lunch on.

If you are more of a modernist and like to eat more unusual cuisines from around the world you might like a style such as the Amberley or the Goodwood. Both are intricate and high in design. They catch the eye just like a nicely presented meal will.


If dessert is your favourite meal (and lets face it for most of us, that is the case), you will be happy to know that we offer a number of doors styles and colours which will have you salivating in no time.

When it comes to colour you could choose cream or vanilla from our Trends range. Team this with some raspberry accessories and you have a berry and cream dessert which will rival anything you could whip up. Try matching plain white doors from the Visions range with Ultragloss Red for that instant strawberries and cream look.

Of course you could be a chocolate lover and go for medium tiepolo wood grain finish. This door has all the qualities of silken chocolate but with a few darker grain lines which you could almost mistake for chocolately ripples...

Your final course will obviously be a Gloss Cappuccino from our Trends colour range. Phew you must be full now!

While this might just seem like a bit of fun – and it is. It is worthwhile thinking about your food personality as a way of working out what your design personality is. If you are more likely to create sushi than sandwiches in your kitchen then you need a modern style. However if you like a good old whiskey at the end of a dinner, rather than a cocktail, you might prefer a more traditional style. Whatever your style and colour choice, make sure that your favourite meals match the place where they are created.