Most of us will simply assume that the best way to replace our old kitchen is to rip it all out and start again. This approach is not only time consuming and expensive, it is also wasteful and totally unnecessary. You could buy replacement kitchen doors, fit them yourself and enjoy a new looking kitchen in no time. Still not convinced? Take a look at our five reasons for choosing replacement doors.

Replacement Shaker kitchen doors
There are more reasons than just the fact it looks amazing to use replacement kitchen doors

Replacement doors will save money

There are a number of reasons why you will automatically save money on your kitchen replacement by simply choosing to add cupboard doors. The first is the fact that a major part of the cost of a new kitchen is the cost of the carcasses and shelving. By reusing these items you have already saved a significant portion of your budget.

You will also save plenty of cash by doing the job yourself. There is nothing simpler than removing your old doors and putting on new ones. It is just a case of using a screwdriver and some careful measuring. A tradesman is likely to be in your home for more than a week installing an entire new kitchen – you will spend less than a weekend getting the job done. It is easy to see where these savings come from.

Add to that the cost of a skip, the initial design, the extra plumbing and electrics and you have the makings of a very expensive new kitchen.

You will save time

As already pointed out it can take upwards of a week to install even a very basic new kitchen. You will need to replace tiles, flooring, paint the room and even adjust plumbing or electrical work. With new doors – the rest of the kitchen will stay the same and your new doors could be attached in less than 2 days. If you are hoping for a quick kitchen improvement – replacement doors are the only option.

You will save the environment

Removing and disposing of an old kitchen will result in the filling of a reasonable sized skip. It will include old tiles, flooring, carcasses, doors, old sinks, worktops and even old plasterboard. All of this needs to be either recycled or sent to landfill. If you choose to simply replace your old doors, you could place it all in the boot of the car and take it to the recycling centre where it can be 100% recycled.

You could also sell the doors via online auction sites or Freecycle it to someone who is doing their own kitchen replacement job.

You will save stress

Being without a kitchen for several days (or even weeks) can put a huge strain on any household. It means having to go out for meals, using a makeshift kitchen set up in another room, washing dishes and your clothes in the bath and generally having to limit your lifestyle while the work is happening.

This is never the case when replacing your kitchen cabinet doors. You can still use your kitchen as normal and you don't need to clear it out or store items in other parts of the house. It is easy, quick and totally free from the stress of finding a tradesman.

We think these are pretty compelling reasons to buy replacement kitchen doors rather than going to the hassle of installing an entirely new kitchen. But we will leave it up to you. Take a look at our customer feedback to see all of the reasons our clients have come up with. After all they should know!