All of us dream about having the perfect magazine-ready kitchen, but few of us could ever afford it. Those kitchens which we see gracing the pages of interior design magazines are invariably designed by an expert and are totally bespoke. By this it means that the kitchen is manufactured specifically for the space and to the specifications of the designer and the owner. This takes money – and plenty of it. However, by simply opting for replacement kitchen doors you can get a bespoke look at a fraction of the cost.

You can get a bespoke look for far less than you think

There are plenty of reasons why you might want kitchen doors which are outside of the usual off-the-shelf doors you would find anywhere. Take a look at these reasons and see if any of them fit your circumstances.

  •  Your kitchen has odd shapes, nooks and crannies which require unusual sized kitchen doors.
  • You want to include an island or breakfast bar which needs to fit into a particular space.
  • You are replacing kitchen cupboard doors which are quite old and do not fit current modern sizings.
  • Your previous kitchen was bespoke and now needs replacing.
  • You have certain things in your kitchen which you want to display or store and you want kitchen cupboards to fit them perfectly.
  • You simply want your kitchen to look different from all the rest.

Thankfully when you come to order your replacement kitchen doors you will see that your options are varied and you can design exactly what you want within certain parameters. Here at Kitchen Door Workshop there are various ways you can customise your kitchen doors and get a great and satisfying result.

  •  Your drawer front can be made in most sizes up to a maximum of around 1200mm. Don't forget that your choice of handles and even the style choice may be affected by the size of the drawer front. Some handles may not fit well or may look odd.
  • Your door fronts can vary in size from around 283mm to almost 1700mm. In terms of width, you can go as wide as 1200mm. Your mid rail can be positioned anywhere you wish and does not necessarily need to be in the centre.

  • If you wish, you can choose to have your door supplied with a horizontal grain rather than a vertical one. This is available in some cases and can be applied to the canopies, wine racks and end panels.

  • If you want your hinges to be drilled for you, you can choose exactly where they need to be. This is especially useful if you are reusing hinges and the previous ones were positioned in an unusual spot.

Essentially you can have almost any sized door, with any type of handle and have it turned whichever way you wish. This gives you so many options and the chance to completely customise your kitchen.

The advantages of having a bespoke kitchen are many, but include the fact that it will never look cheap, thrown together or made to fit. There are many kitchens where it is clear that the kitchen has been designed around the size of the cabinets rather than the size of the kitchen. This means that filler strips are used, strange looking small cabinets are placed amongst larger ones and the whole kitchen simply doesn't come together and look coherent.

We suggest that you really take your time to design the kitchen of your dreams and try not to let the availability of regular sizes hamper your choices. Remember you can have almost any variation when buying replacement kitchen doors.