If your home is Victorian or older there is a good chance that the kitchen is a later addition and used to be a parlour room, bedroom, dining area or just a living room. The kitchen may have just been an Aga in the corner of the living area and the current kitchen is designed to fit into this old space. This probably means that your kitchen has been made to fit the space or that compromises have been made to make standard units possible. If you are thinking of replacing these units, you will be thinking pound signs – because bespoke is expensive. However replacement kitchen doors are a cheaper option which can give a bespoke look.


Get a bespoke handmade look at a fraction of the cost


Standard kitchen doors

Most kitchen cabinets come in a standard door size of 600mm, 400mm and 300mm with varying heights. These restrictions can leave you frustrated if you have a space which needs something which is a half size, smaller or larger than the average. In most cases you will be forced to make do, use filler strips and shelving units to fill these awkward spaces. This can give your kitchen a pieced together look and detracts from the overall smooth lines.

You may also live in a house where the previous owners had a kitchen especially made for the space. This would have cost them a significant amount, but may not be to your taste. Replacing this would be very expensive, however you could replace the kitchen doors only and save money as well.

Replacement kitchen doors

Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of replacement kitchen doors. Because you order your doors online (rather than picking them off the shelf at your local DIY store) you have more control over what you can buy. We offer varying sizes as standard, but more importantly, we can provide almost any size you wish. All this without compromising on style, quality and cost.

Things to remember

There are a few things you should keep in mind when ordering your bespoke sized doors:

  • Those doors which have a more elaborate style with arches or a panelled finish may not work well if they are made in very small sizes. Think carefully about how the final look will come together. Plainer doors respond better to being cut down to a specific size.
  • Take a look at the drawer fronts and once again, think about how they will look made smaller or larger. You want your kitchen to look cohesive.
  • Remember that most off the shelf carcasses are of a standard size, so if you are adding new units you may need to adjust the carcasses to fit. This is usually an easy process of sawing off the unwanted portion. A kitchen fitter will be able to do this for you.
  • You should not discount the addition of filler strips, shelves and wine racks as a good way of filling spaces where it is not feasible to add in a cupboard. We have a number of these items which can look very stylish when incorporated in a natural way.

Ordering your doors

The process of ordering your bespoke replacement doors is easy. We recommend that you remove your old doors and measure each one carefully on the inside. This prevents you from miscalculating due to mouldings and other defects on the front. Once you have these figures (remember to check them twice) you can order using our online process. Just add in the details for each door, remembering the points made above.

Bespoke doesn't have to cost a fortune. Your replacement doors will fit perfectly and will look great. They will give your kitchen a handmade feel without the handmade price and you will be so happy with the result you will be thinking about moving on to replacing your wardrobe doors too!