Your bedroom is the one place in the house where you can let your interior design whims run free. It is often a private place and one which guests will usually only glimpse through a half closed door. Unlike the living room or kitchen, you can express yourself in the bedroom and getting new bedroom doors is a great way to do that without breaking the bank.

If you have built in wardrobes in your bedroom, you may wonder how you can make them more interesting and new looking without having to replace the whole unit or needing a builder to come in and help you. The simple addition of new doors on your existing wardrobe will easily enhance the room and they are easy to buy and fit. However choosing the right look is the more difficult part of the process.

Create a passionate bedroom with red doors from the Visions range

If you would like to create a sultry and exotic look in your bedroom there are plenty of colour and material options available from Kitchen Doors Workshop. For this look you will need to go dark. A high gloss black door will create a very dramatic look, while bright fiery red doors will show your sexy side. For a more natural, but still exciting look, dark walnut doors will add to the sophistication of the room. Finally, if you are really brave you might want to try out aubergine as a modern and interesting take on the usual black finish.

When it comes to the style of doors, you have two choices. You could go for the full Gothic look with curved arches and highly detailed finishes. You will need to ensure the rest of the furnishings are plain to avoid a cluttered look if you go with this style. The other option is go with doors which are minimal in their look. You might decide to use handleless doors  such as the Ringmer style from Trends or keep door furnishings to a minimum. If you choose Visions doors in a high gloss finish, you will have just a minimal effect door to choose from, but it is perfect for showing off the glossy finish.

If you decide to add new handles, there are plenty of great options available which are perfect for bedroom doors. These include highly polished chrome knobs, wrought iron decorative handles and small pull knobs designed to be less obvious.

Once the bedroom doors are in place, you will find that your bedroom has already been transformed. However, don't stop there. You should start by painting your walls in a complementary colour. Try not to go dark on the walls as this will be oppressive, however a simple cream would be perfect with most of the colours mentioned. White may be too stark for the look you are going for.

Bedding will be the fun side of your room transformation. You could go for a quilt or duvet cover which matches your replacement bedroom doors or you can try out a highly patterned option. Whatever you choose, try to add plenty of different textures to the room. This could be in the form of sequinned pillow covers, knitted throws or furry cushions. Plenty of pillows and soft furnishings add to the romantic side of the room.

Finally add a rug to the floor, mirrors on the walls, some heavy drapes or curtains and a few candles for a sophisticated, sultry look which wouldn't be out of place in a boutique hotel.

Let your imagination run wild in the bedroom and use new bedroom doors to create something which expresses your personality in new ways. If you can't do it in the rest of your home, at least you can take risks in the bedroom.