Even though there are so many modern and contemporary styles available for replacement kitchen cabinet doors, sometimes, nothing beats the traditional look. You may choose a traditional kitchen if your home is older, you like the craftsman-like look or you simply want something which everyone will like (some modern styles can be an acquired taste). You can't go wrong with a traditional kitchen.

The Amberley in a dark wood gives an instant traditional feel

There a number of features which immediately make you notice that a kitchen is traditional. Some of these may be very subtle, but others stand out and the traditional styling cannot be denied. Take a look at the following list of traditional features which will help you decide if your kitchen door choice is traditional or not.

Handmade look

Many traditional kitchen door styles are based on the handmade or craftsman look. Our shaker-style doors such as the Fairlight from the Trends range are a perfect example. The Shakers were well known for producing simply-made, sturdy and beautiful furniture with a plain, yet distinctive look. They believed in creating something which would last a lifetime and these ideals have been passed down to current door designers.

Countryside look

If you walk into a country or farm kitchen you can immediately sense the years of tradition which have produced the style. A typical farm or country kitchen might use something like the Wadhurst which utilises a planked middle section. Once again it has a handmade feel, but with a little more of a design feature. Country kitchens are often painted in colours like blue or cream and they have a very relaxed feel.

Woodgrain finishes

Even the most modern of replacement kitchen doors can have a traditional feel by adding a standard woodgrain finish in oak or walnut. The darker the wood, the more traditional the kitchen will feel. Light woods such as beech tend to be used on more modern furniture. The use of woodgrain harks back to an era where kitchen doors would be created from the wood which was available on the farm or from the local area. Once again it seems handmade.

Distinctive patterns

Modern kitchen doors tend to be very plain – opting to express their beauty through the colours or finishes used. Traditional doors on the other hand are often very decorative with arches, inset panels and elaborate handles. A great example of this is the Westfield which incorporates deep carved panels and curved arches. This gives an almost Gothic feel to the door.

Where can I use a traditional kitchen door?

There are no hard and fast rules about the use of traditional replacement kitchen cabinet doors, however you may want to think about if your home and you are really suited to this style.

  • Is your home of an older style such as Victorian or Georgian?
  • Does your home have decorative features such as coving, old fireplaces, high ceilings and tiles floors? All of these need a more traditional look to blend in.
  • Are you thinking about selling your home and what is your target market? If you are aiming at older people or families, a traditional kitchen may be the best option.

What accessories will work with a traditional kitchen?

It is easy to create a traditional kitchen by adding things like a butler sink, a range cooker or Aga, distressed furniture for the table, anything which is made form natural solid wood and anything which looks old or used. Hide away all of those shiny new toasters and kettles!

A traditional kitchen is a great option when you decide to replace your old kitchen doors. Just make sure that it will suit your home and your own likes and dislikes.