If you’re bored with your kitchen but don’t want to rip out your cupboards, there are various ways to transform your kitchen cupboard doors. Give the room an entirely new look by decorating your existing kitchen cupboard doors. You can turn your kitchen into a unique space that completely reflects your personality. Whether your existing doors are in traditional pine or high gloss black, or even unfinished, these ideas and effects will create incredible new looks for your cooking space.

Take a look at the four ideas below and turn your kitchen cupboard doors into real works of art.

Delightful Decoupage

One way to transform kitchen doors is decoupage. Decoupage has been a popular decoration technique for hundreds of years and it’s very easy, if a little time consuming to create an incredible effect with it. You can choose traditional images for your decoupaged cupboards. Or go for something ultra-modern and different, such as using old comics or foreign currency to cover your doors. Use ordinary PVA glue to stick your images to your doors. Once the images are bone dry give them a layer of varnish to make them durable and water resistant.

gloss kitchen doors

Perfect Paint Effects to transform your kitchen cupboard doors

Paint effects are often associated with the 1990s. But giving furniture the onceover with a tin of paint is very much back in. You can give wooden kitchen cupboard doors a fabulous aged effect that will evoke French farmhouses and cute country kitchens. Just paint your wood with a base colour, leave it to dry then add a layer of contrasting paint. Once both coats are dry, use coarse sandpaper and gently begin to rub away the top layer of paint. Sand the areas where natural wear and tear would occur, such as around the corners or any bevelling or moulding. Pale pastels will look incredible in a country kitchen, whilst cupboards doors in contrasting colours will make a modern kitchen pop.

Glorious Gold Leaf 

Spaces that feel cold and dark certainly aren’t welcoming. But you don’t need to add more windows or start knocking down walls to make your kitchen seem brighter. Transform your kitchen cupboard doors with books of gold leaf or gold effect leaf which can be found online very cheaply, and cover your kitchen doors in luxury without breaking the bank. Once you’ve got the hang of it gold leaf is easy to apply. Once you’re satisfied with your results it can be varnished. Alternatively, you can find metallic leaf in a number of different effects like silver, copper and brass. Those with an eye for design could even try a mixture of different metal leaf for an eye catching patchwork effect.

Super Stencilling 

Retro and vintage patterns are bang on trend and you can incorporate the classic designs of the 1940s, 50s and 60s into your kitchen and transform your kitchen cupboard doors. There are an endless array of different stencils to choose from. Most are made from a sheet of plastic and are affixed to the area you’re stencilling. Then a specialist stippling brush or paint spray is used to create the stencilled effect. Pick geometric shapes, space aged images and bold polka dots to hot the retro look on the trend. You can even carry your design through into your soft furnishings by using fabric paints to repeat your stencilling onto your tablecloths, soft furnishing and window dressings.