If you are anything like the majority of people, you would love to install a brand new kitchen. But for whatever reason, it is one of those jobs you keep putting off. This is certainly fair enough, because putting in an entirely new kitchen is time consuming, expensive and disruptive. However, if you choose to use replacement kitchen doors for your kitchen makeover, you avoid all three of these issues and get a beautiful new kitchen at the end.

Ultragloss cream kitchen doors for your kitchen makeover
Installing your new kitchen is a breeze

It's quicker

If you pull out your old kitchen, move the electrical wiring or sockets, move the plumbing, replace the flooring and tiles and replace all of your units and worktops, you can expect your new kitchen to be fully installed in around 3 weeks. This is assuming that your fitter works on all of these jobs himself. If you need to hire in separate trades, you can expect it to take longer for all of the people required to coordinate their parts of the job. It is complicated and very time consuming.

With replacement kitchen doors you can have a new kitchen in as little as one weekend from the time you have your new doors delivered. The longest bit will be making the choice of which colour and style from the huge range available. And factor in waiting for delivery, which should only be a few days. The fitting part is quick and easy and you can get it done yourself in just a few hours. On a Friday you could have a dull, boring kitchen. And by Monday morning you will be waking up to a fresh, bright and welcoming space.

It's cheaper

Most people will spend anywhere from £1500 to £10,000 on a kitchen makeover, depending on how much is being replaced. The average will be around £3,000. This will include tiling, new cabinets and worktops, maybe some plumbing and maybe a new cooker and hob. This will be a nice looking, but expensive kitchen compared to a replacement doors kitchen.

For just a few hundred pounds you could choose high quality, attractive doors which will fit your current units easily. While you could choose to replace items like the worktop and appliances at the same time, it won't be necessary, because the door replacement will already make a huge difference to the room. Your kitchen makeover will look fabulous and you will be surprised at how much money you will have left over.

It's less disruptive

Your brand new kitchen will require the following:

  • A great big skip in the front garden, driveway or on the road outside your house.
  • Workmen in your home for at least three weeks with the supervision they need, plus the cups of tea and biscuits.
  • Being without a kitchen for most of that time and the need for alternative eating arrangements. This will mean plenty of microwave dinners! Your cupboard contents will need storing too.
  • Possible loss of water and electricity while these aspects of your new kitchen are taken care of.

Your replacement kitchen will require the following:

  • None of the above
  • A few hours where you will find it a little tricky using the kitchen, but no more
  • Your cupboard contents can stay put and your kitchen will remain functional throughout.

So as you can see, you can give your kitchen a makeover in no time and with very little expense. What is stopping you?