Most people, when they think of minimalism, imagine white walls, marble floors and sparse furniture. Homes with a minimalist style are often seen as being cold and clinical, and not very welcoming or comfortable. However, many people also love the idea of everything having a place and a clutter-free existence. This is possible in your kitchen and with Legato kitchen doors you can create a minimalist kitchen in one weekend.

Legato Ultragloss Black Kitchen Doors
Legato Ultragloss Black Kitchen Doors

A kitchen is a space which needs to be functional and easy to use. It is one room which is used on most days of the week and is often the centre of the home. Despite this you can still have a minimalist space and a useful and easy to use kitchen. Best of all, it doesn't need to be white.

Legato Ultragloss White Kitchen Doors
Legato Ultragloss White Kitchen Doors

The Legato kitchen door collection is the perfect place to start when it comes to creating a super-modern and high-end, designer kitchen look. The doors are ultra gloss and come in a range of colours such as black, cream, and white. You can even mix and match your colours if you want to be modern and cool.

If you wanted the look of wood while still maintaining the modern look you can always choose the Legato woodgrain colours such as Japanese Pear, and Copperleaf.

You can also opt for stripes or metallic finishes. Even a matt finish would work, if you feel that gloss wouldn't suit your kitchen. The matt Legato doors are available in: Supermatt Light Grey, Supermatt Cashmere, Supermatt Dust Grey, Supermatt Graphite, as well as the ever popular Supermatt White.

Legato Supermatt Cashmere Kitchen Doors

With these doors, you can achieve an ultra modern and minimalist kitchen in less than two days. The fitting of replacement kitchen doors is simple and simply requires the use of a screwdriver. Order doors online and get free delivery when you spend over a certain amount.

So once the doors are in place, what other things can you do to give your kitchen a minimalist look on a minimum budget?

  • Hide everything. One of the joys of having such beautiful kitchen cabinet doors is the fact that they will hide away all the clutter which is usually on your counter. This includes the toaster and even the kettle. Minimalism insists only beautiful objects are on display, so if it looks a bit old and used, it needs to be kept inside the cupboard
  • Invest in a new worktop. Opt for a shiny and reflective finish. Granite or recycled glass are perfect, but many of the less expensive composite worktops now come in highly reflective finishes and will work well.
  • Don't skimp on the door handles and finishing touches. As already mentioned to be truly minimalist, you need to ensure that those things which are on display must be beautiful while being functional. Good quality metal handles which are not too ornate will work well. Look for a long thin bar style.
  • Integrated replacement doors will help hide appliances away. Don't let your fridge, washing machine or dishwasher ruin the look of your kitchen. Remember, if it is not beautiful – hide it.

So, being minimalist doesn't mean living in an austere box and never using your kitchen. You just need to buy the best doors. Also, ensure plenty of light comes in and clear your work tops. Before you know it you'll be doing the same with the rest of the house.