What do you like about our website? Website and layout of styles and colours very good. Door pricelist easy to calculate prices.
What could we do to improve our website? Should really have prices of all accessories, such as hinges/hardware, and especially all matching accessories such as corner posts, pelmets, edging tape, cornices, end panels, plinths etc.
How does our website compare with similar ones you have visited? Have not gone into other websites in any great depth yet, but KSD Workshop site by far the best from only a quick search so far.
What do you think about our product range? Very good, of course subject to seeing the quality of the actual door finishes samples.
Did you find everthing that you were looking for today? Yes, but see accessories prices comment above. Shame you don't also supply worktops and carcasses.
Any other comments / suggestions? Would help if you could supply accessories prices for all of the above mentioned accessories for both price group 1 and 3/4 (are price group 3 and 4 the same for all doors AND accessories?). By email would be absolutely fine if easier than sending with colour samples I've ordered today.
Name Doug McC